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1/18/2008 c10 4Isidris Gry
I like the ending. I wonder if Beau realizes the effect he has on Dimitri. I like Evelyn and that Dimitri seems to be making headway with his speech!
1/18/2008 c10 Corrupted Lungs
GUH! That's not fair!

1/18/2008 c10 hairy-mushroom-nose
aw, the ending was so cute!

Anyway... that was really weird. Not bad weird though. Are you going to say anything about how Kevin changed? or is it just so Dimitri really thinks that he can change etc.

Anywayz I will read the update of the story but I'm about to go out and need to get ready so I'll read it when I get back.


1/18/2008 c10 noone2
i am still aching a bit. this last one is raw and it's making me feel like i need a lover.

thank you for this update!
1/18/2008 c10 6Winter Crusaders
I think the dots were a nice add into the chapter and I loved it! But I am kind've sad that the story it almost over. I do have a question though why DID Kevin start being nice? Was the blackmail really that bad? (knowing Laura it more than likely was)
1/15/2008 c9 4Isidris Gry
Beau seems to be angry a lot now. I think he has more to accept than Dimitri at times. I guess hearing what Dimitri said about Zach and himself being similar would throw him for a loop. Besides it being his chance to get back at Zach for what happened to Layla and for hurting Dimitri, and it's shot down. Yet, he still tells Dimitri it's okay.
1/14/2008 c9 Corrupted Lungs
You know, depending on what state they're in, the legal age differs, it's not just a standard 18 ;)

1/14/2008 c9 hairy-mushroom-nose
heh, I should've seen that. :P

Anywayz it was such a cute ending! They're so cute together... I didn't really understand why Dimitri didn't press charges either. It doesn't make sense but meh.

Dimitri never really changes inside. He still blames himself for everything. It's sweet but annoying too!

Hope your course thingy goes well!
1/14/2008 c9 noone2
but how can beau love dimitri and not understand him... that had to have hurt dimitri worse :(


only a few snippets left... well, on the bright side, there's smut coming... right?
1/12/2008 c8 hairy-mushroom-nose
That's so cute! He's so adorable. *squeals*

Why did Beau leave the shower? Just seemed a bit random. .

Looking forward to the next update. How many more chapters are there before you complete the story? I'll be happy but at the same time sad when you finish. Happy because I'm sure Dimitri will finally find peace but sad because the story is finished. :(

Sorry for not reviewing last chapter... I don't really have an excuse but forgive my lazyness. :'(
1/11/2008 c8 Corrupted Lungs
1/11/2008 c8 Isidris Gry
Oh, I love it! It's perfect! Thank you! Dimitri was so adorable, as usual, and Beau was just wonderful. You wrote it so smoothly, and their characters are just right; the way Dimitri reacts to everything Beau does, freaking out and then getting so absorbed in the feeling, and Beau being so sweet. It's just what I was hoping for, so thank you! Yay! I come home from work and get to read this! :D
1/11/2008 c8 noone2
wait wait wait!



what was that? WTH? he should've turned around and taken an eyeful of the naked beau. really, kids these days have no curiosity.

poor beau... that must've been torture LOL. then again, good things happen to those who wait :D

1/11/2008 c7 noone2
what, no donuts? i'm a bit disapponted :D

or is it that only policemen are fond of donuts? :)

... kia can move fast if he needs to, so is he going to put a fast move on beth? *laughing*

i am not convinced he's a good guy yet... prove him a good guy :D
1/10/2008 c7 Isidris Gry
I think Kia would make an awesome father for Dimitri, and I like this snippet because it shows how much Kia cares for everyone. I hope he and Dimitri can have some bond time so that Dimitri knows that even Kia loves him. I think it'd be cute! and funny, Dimitri would really make it funny.Lovely bonus snippet. Any extras that you throw in I'll love for sure, because its more of my favorite characters! Yay!

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