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2/18/2008 c1 16brokendreams21
Awh. You posted it. =) I even remember sort of what we were talking about when you wrote this. Whenever I'm in weird places, you always manage to get me out somehow.

I sort of like the comical aspects that you sort of infuse into this poem. And I like how much it sounds like you. How original your voice sounds. Repetition is good. Punctuation is awesome and non-capitalization makes it unique. Fitting. Like I told you before, you probably make English teachers really happy.

It took a long time for me to review. And the word 'placid' sort of reminds me of the word 'flaccid' which brings us back to...biology? How does that even happen.

Anyways, I'll do my best to fend off those voices of negativity in my head.

You did an awesome job on this. I hope you never get tired of me telling you how great of a friend that I think you are. =)


12/1/2007 c1 WholeHeart
Ah, yes-this does make sense. The lack of capitalization blends well with the subject matter. Keep writing!

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