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for A Bit Touched in the Mind

6/19/2008 c1 Minh
aha my name is Minh too.. except I'm a girl :/ Hmms so far, soo good. Keep up the good work ^^
6/19/2008 c17 13ADarkerShadow
Good chapter! Update soon please!

6/15/2008 c16 BookOfSpells
I wonder who catches Seth. Courtney sounds like she's being controlled I can't wait to find out soon. And is Doug psychic or somethin? How did he know she was gonna do something well risky for lack of a better word... All in all awesome chappy and update soon!
6/15/2008 c15 BookOfSpells
Hmm a confession. The last sentence sorta sounds like Mae is using Seth a bit lol.
6/14/2008 c16 4predict.this
Oh no, no, no, no. I hope it's Doug. I really hope it's him. :[ Can Doug see the future or something?
6/13/2008 c16 BioInk
Yay, updates! That bit with Mae in church got to me, I hate it when people blame God for bad things that happen.

They say things like 'if your such a great God' or 'If your in control how could you allow this happen' when the truth is we are the ones in control, and it's up to us to pray and let God have the controls. When you try to do it your way and not Gods, it just spells trouble.

I mean if God had total control, do you really think the world would be in the state it is now?

Ok, enough of my ranting. I felt the chapter before this was a little rush, and I think Doug is a person of interest in the mystery. Update soon, please?
6/13/2008 c7 1Maybreakmyheart
^o^ WOWIE! good chapter- I want Mae to tell him though ( but I like how you don't just make her spill right away, that could totally ruin the story going to fast...Great job!
6/13/2008 c6 Maybreakmyheart
I'm kinda happy she wore white...Lol I'm kinda mean, but Mae'll live...Great chapter...I can't stop thinking about how annoyed you'll be when you find all of my reviews...I hope they make you happy...

6/13/2008 c5 Maybreakmyheart
Great chapter...Yay! they're finally going on a date, and getting closer to finding out the secret! :D I love the pictures for Mae and Seth, Mae's picture is super beautiful and Seth's totally captures his humor I love'em! ;)
6/13/2008 c4 Maybreakmyheart
I must be driving you crazy...but I hate when I ask for reviews and people don't review...so I'm reviewing...AGAIN..I really like how the story is coming and how you slowly show the complications that come with mind reading- it would kinda suck... keep it up ( is that line getting old, you know you could just message me like a synonym kinda phrase, and I'll say that instead...Like "Continue the Masterpiece" or something...spice it up...lol
6/13/2008 c16 11Seisaset
O! something is up with Doug! ah NO SETH DON'T GET CAUGHT! please update son!
6/13/2008 c3 1Maybreakmyheart
hehhehe...um here I am reviewing...again..god you must like check you e-mail and be like "OH GOD NO! IT'S MAY!" ...Yea but I totally liked this chapter, like you could've just had him talk to her right away, but that's not how life is people don't just always come at the right moment and stuff...Yea good job! and Seth-O- the pen thing ... I really want to know!
6/13/2008 c2 Maybreakmyheart
NO! I want to know seth's trick- he's a bigger cheater! though I do like the twist, he's smart! It totally helps build up the story! I like it! AND Please I want a chocolate chip cookie...lol I reviewed right?
6/13/2008 c1 Maybreakmyheart
O! that was a great chapter! I really liked seth, he's ...intriguing( and now I'm super hyped to know how me makes things float...which is really weird...and totally intresting. I love Mae's name, since my name is May ( well yea sure it's spelled differently, but come on!) Keep up the good work!
6/13/2008 c16 1Izzey
doug can read minds too, and invade other people's? omg! this story has me very intrigued as to what happens next. please update vey soon so i can find out.
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