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1/16/2008 c4 4menace in training
i love it. absolutely love it, update soon please!
1/16/2008 c4 almostfantastic
O, I'm really enjoying this story. Usually, I'm not one for supernatural because I'm such a sap XD, but this has really got me hooked. I love Seth. I want someone like him to actually exist in real life. XD I hope you update again soon! :]
1/16/2008 c4 Msticia
Oh college, where my professor decided to teach on the first day of class. I understand how busy college can be but hopefully you'll still find the time to update, I know I'll make the time the read.

This was a really good chapter. I really like the pace of the story. I'm glad that Mae and Seth arent all over each other so soon, but are slowly becoming friends.

Looking forward to the next update.
1/10/2008 c3 2PeachJuice
What is going on with seth?

Surely he has a reason? I hope so.. he seemed so good.

Anyways please update when you get the chance.
1/10/2008 c3 1Twinkle Star Bell
If the story is already completed then please update! This story is really really good and I would hate to see it unfinished. So please update soon with the next chapter and hopefully it will be longer! I love the characters so much. They're so original all though this girl is getting on my nerves.
1/9/2008 c3 msticia
I am truly enjoying reading this story so far. I check back just about everyday to see if you have updated. This story is definitely different from anything that I have read before. You have ventured away from the popular cliches that most people are often writing about(such as nerdy girl/popular guy hook up)which are still good to read, but its better reading about something more original. I hope that you will continue to update (perhaps more often pretty please with a cherry...) and complete the story. I'm will definitely be looking forward to the next update!
1/9/2008 c3 1Lil Bazza
I can understand why you want to update according to interest, but how can you do this to me? This is one of the most creative adn interesting stories I've read in a while. And you did in a month(ish I imagine). I really really really really want to see how this story pans out. It's progressing nicely (a little fast, but considering the circumstances I think very well) and it is so cool.

I have to apologise in advance. I do love this story, and I do have you on story alert or something, but I have to say this. I hate small reviews - ones that are like, this is great, ladidadida. I'm sure you'd prefer something to nothing, but in a way I see it as a waste of time. I want to give you indepth feedback, which means I have to be inspired to write something. Most of my reviews these days are quite long (with paragraphs and generally correct spelling and grammar). I prefer to tell you what I liked, what annoyed me and what I think you could improve on. Anyway, I've said my peace, which is probably no justification for not reviewing, but it's me. My reviews take a lot of time and energy. (I have a story favourited at the moment to remind me to review - I have to find the time! :D)

I love her magical powers. I love his. I can't pick which I'd want more. I spose just being able to mothing things generally would be a definate advantage. I think you have incorpoarted them into the story very well, introducing them enough to inform me but keeping me guessing about the specifics.

Seth and Mae. Totally cute. Ahh... I just want to wrap them up in a bundle and take them out on special occasions. Your character interaction is great, and for someone who doesn't like the other, Mae seems to be spending a lot of time talking/thinking about Seth asking her out. As I said before, it seems a little fast (and I can't decide if I like or hate that), the progress of the story that is, but I think in a way it makes it more life like. I mean, some things in life are quick and simple and easy (not that this story is essentially any of these) and isn't prolonged and dramatic. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. To me at least :D.

Your supporting characters have a surprising amount of depth - Mary and Martha (I must know the reason behind these M's. Cause then you get Abraham, which is just plain different) have that blonde bimbo thing going, but also a caring and interested sister (even if they aren't always 'there'). Seth's mum, (I can't remember her name), I love how she plays mentor/favourite teacher/mother/grandmother all in one. It's like you've take most of the best people one can have in thier life and rolled them into this one character. It's fantastic.

Anyway, I think I've said enough. Update soon.

1/9/2008 c3 KressiKetchup
I think this story is fabulous! I love Mae's personality and the fact her parent's are so religious when she's a mind reader. I've always loved supernatural stories and I'm dead curious about what's up with seth, so please update soon!
1/8/2008 c3 almostfantastic
Love love loved this chapter! I thought it was so very hilarious; it's really too bad I forgot what happened in the first two chapters...XD I think it all came back to me sometime within the chapter. I really hope you continue with this story because it is one of the few that actually catch my eye lately. I really want to read it more (and the fact that you already finished it makes me all the more happy!).
12/10/2007 c2 almostfantastic
LOL, no calories. XD

Anyways, way cute. I like fluff. I'm not sure how I'd actually react to a guy that acted like Seth, but in stories, they're really cute. :] I can't wait until the next chapter. Hope I'll get an update soon?
12/10/2007 c2 2PeachJuice
OMG (yes i really said the letters O M G lol) a cookie with NO calories! what are the chances? Anyways, that was an awesome chapter, Seth is mysterious, and I like his thoughts. It seems like he really cares about her. Well, please update asap.
12/10/2007 c2 1Twinkle Star Bell
I really really like the characters. They are really real. I love Seth and I love the name Seth. I can't wait for the next chapter and I did what you said on the chapter you just updated on Remember Me. I came and checked out this story and I absolutely loved it. That cookie line was good. They have no calories!
12/4/2007 c1 2PeachJuice
oh my goodness. It is so great, and i'm glad that you have already introduced seth, and that you explained Mae so much! Her mother is exactly like mine, it is so annoying. Anyways, please update asap!
12/4/2007 c1 almostfantastic
lol, you're right. That WAS a load of fluff...not that I mind. :] I like fluff. I can't wait to see what will happen with Seth as well as the powers she has. Update soon! Pretty please :]
12/4/2007 c1 kelly
Fantasy type stuff usually isn't really my style, but I'm really interested in this! I can't wait to see what Seth turns out to be like in later chapters and what Mae will find out if he touches her again. Keep writing!
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