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for A Bit Touched in the Mind

5/21/2010 c19 Julie G
who is the murderer!
5/21/2010 c18 Julie G
4 real/ hypnosis!cool!
5/21/2010 c17 Julie G
maybe doug sees the future!
5/21/2010 c16 Julie G
dpug reads minds? or wut! and is courtney being mind controlled?
5/21/2010 c15 Julie G
that wud b hard.But it sounds like courtney did it!maybe she is bipolar?
5/21/2010 c14 Julie G
courtney sounds mentally ill!She should plead insanity!
5/21/2010 c13 Julie G
that was the big secret?He didnt even use his powers in that secret!I thought it was @ least him being gay and only dating her so that he wud look normal or somethin!But a murder huh!
5/20/2010 c11 Julie G
yay! they made up!
5/20/2010 c10 Julie G
that was kinda unexpected!
5/20/2010 c9 Julie G
poor courtney!so wen is she gonna tell him bout the whole mind reading thing!
5/20/2010 c6 Julie G
more wut!also her mom let her out in THAT but she was forced 2 go 2 purity class?
5/20/2010 c5 Julie G
Oh my gosh!I was looking for a book with mind reading and then i found this and then just no i realised you wrote it!BTW wen will u update the sequal 2 bolt fromt he blu?Well good job sp far!L8r!
5/20/2010 c4 Julie G
i think ti would be gr8 if she n courtney were friends!
5/20/2010 c2 Julie G
cant wait till the nxt chotr!maybe u cud do a sequal about the twins!maybe they have a hidden power that they havnt tol ne1 bout!
5/20/2010 c1 Julie G
yeah pastor!BTW awesome story!
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