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for A Bit Touched in the Mind

4/7/2010 c23 1HeartsOfDiamonds
Amazing story. However, the last chapter was really rushed. I got up to the part where they were tricking Brent, but after that, it moved so fast. But, apart from that, i loved the story. Good job and thanks for writing it.
2/8/2010 c23 Natalie
Hi! This is such an awesome story! Wow! At first, I was positive he was a vampire, with the teeth magically disappearing and everything- I admit, I am a tad obsessed. So I was always waiting for him to pop out with it, but I was wrong. This seriously is a great story- especially your writing itself! You put the words together real well, and it flows perfectly. I would NOT be surprised if you were a well-known author someday. Seriously, it was great. I really enjoyed reading. :D

I don't have an account, but my email is , and I have a fanfiction account, Sunshine.Roses. Just in case you wanted to respond.

2/2/2010 c23 7Your Execution
This story is awesome, all your stories are so unique. I love them. Mkay I'm going to go read another story you wrote/ are writing.
12/17/2009 c23 DA-chen1
Hey Cassandra!

So, I've read all chapters.

The story is really nice, I like your style and the main characters are sympatic and the end wasn't like an ending fiction.

I can imagine, there will be more about her and Seth because I want to know, if their kids have the same abilities or what brings the future for them? What's happen to Mae's family?

Yes, you said, the last chapter was not your best and I will agree because it's kind of ruin your end.

Because I liked your story and style, I would read more of your stories, you haven't to write an open end.

So, you did a good job! Please continue your triology!

Byebye, DA-chen
12/15/2009 c17 DA-chen1
Oh no! lol

Her mother is waiting, shit happens...

And Doug... hmm... is he evil?

So, I will continue tomorrow or thursday!

Byebye, DA-chen
12/15/2009 c16 DA-chen1
Hey Cassandra!

Thank you for your replies!

Oh, so I'm still on chapter 16 because I was so in hurry today!

Well, there is something, that speaks to Courtney; is it the Devil? Or are there more of these paranormal wonders?

I hope, I get through the story in this week! :-)

Bye DA-chen
12/15/2009 c1 1VampireAcademyDB
I freaking lovee dhis story! DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE SEQUEL!
12/14/2009 c14 DA-chen1
WtF? Courtney - okay, a crime of passion... but I thought, she was a nice person?

Hm... well, I must go to bed now! :-)
12/14/2009 c11 DA-chen1
I think... it's so quite fantastic that he is back!

I wanted to wait before I make more reviews but I loved the end, so I must write something!

Bye-bye, DA-chen
12/14/2009 c9 DA-chen1
Oh no... Courtney seems to be such a good person... Tanya is a damned BITCH... argh !

But I really like the part about God and compassion.. I believe in God but I don't go to church..

Have a good night, DA-chen
12/12/2009 c2 DA-chen1
Really nice beginning!

I like the way she speaks, she seems to be so tough!

I will keep reading your story and reviews will follow!

Bye, DA-chen
10/10/2009 c9 SunlitSky
AAH! I just got your review reply, and I was completely flattered. It made my day. :) I tend to kind of lurk around fictionpress, and though I read a lot of stories, I rarely review. Because I had strong views on your story it was one that I reviewed. And though I have reviewed maybe thirty times, you were the first one who ever replied. I felt like a celebrity had suddenly emailed me! Thank you for taking the time to reply to my review. It makes me more inclined to review more often. I'll definitely have to give your new story a try.

And even though the whole Christian thing may not be for me, I'm so proud of you for sticking to your beliefs and "carving a niche for yourself" as you so eloquently said. As long as your writing makes you happy, thats all that matters. And when others enjoy it to, it makes it all the better. And, judging by all the reviews you have received, your have your own loyal fan base. Keep up all your good work. I can't imagine juggling college and writing!
10/9/2009 c8 SunlitSky
Hey, I've read your story thus far, and it has a lot of potential and your characters are unique and well crafted. However, your religion issue is extremely problematic for me. Your a Christian. You have a strong faith in God. Thats great. I respect you for it, BUT don't preach it in your writing unless it's specifically labeled Christian writing. The fact that your characters always discuss God is quite distracting and will cause you to lose a lot of readers if you ever deiced to take writing seriously and try to publish something. Everyone has their own beliefs, and though I respect yours, I don't want to hear about them in your story. I apologize if this seems at all offensive. It's not meant to be, and I have enjoyed your story so far.

Another thing that bothers me about this story is that suddenly this boy is obsessed with Mae. She never talks and stays away from everyone else. He reads a few of her poems and suddenly decides he's in love with her? Seems a little far-fetched. It would be better as a gradual process.

Anyway, great job. Good luck in your writing career.
9/20/2009 c23 179NearlyPrescient
haha, so this was one of the first stories I read when I first joined fictionpress. I started reading this forever ago, and ended up stopping around chapter 9 or so and waiting on an update. and then, I ended up losing tack of it until I saw Bolt from the Blue featured on Undiscovered yesterday and thought the author's pen name seemed oddly familiar after reading the first chapter :P

this was pretty great, and even though I usually don't ever reread things, I did enjoy rereading the first few chapters.

I do have to admit that it started out strong and that strength carried through to the middle, but the ending felt somewhat weak. I'm sorry that I'm not sure what it was exactly and therefore couldn't tell you and thereby give you proper feedback; maybe it was the lack of resolution in regard to most of the things other than the murder, which itself didn't feel to be that large a piece of the story. if this is indeed part of a trilogy, that could really be something to do with it.

still, it was a great story with especially great characters, and their interactions were very entertaining. the only gripe I'd have with any of them is that their dialogue felt kind of awkward at times due to the lack of contractions; in my experiences, I've NEVER met anyone with a thoroughly formal enough upbringing that they rarely used contractions when speaking, and that's really the kind of thing one would notice.

great story though :)
9/2/2009 c2 Hidden Flowers
He's telekinetic, isn't he? This is a great story so far! Now can I have my cookie? LOL
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