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for Junta

6/27/2008 c1 Barkers3
I really liked this... It was very different and strange - so brilliant... I loved the atmosphere, the almost disinterest of the people surrounding her.

Everything - personality, emotion - even the crime seemed so dulled so strange... It worked well.

It made me feel as if I was seeing it through the demons eyes, as if she did not care overly much - was angered but not overwhelmingly so, the way the other characters were portrayed - if it was seen through her eyes, I guess their reaction could work.

She was not there when it happened or for the aftermath, perhaps they have gained control of themselves, cold with anger? Calm and hungry for revenge - revenge by informing the demon/witch(?) who is friendly with the boy...

Perhaps I am not making sense... Oh well, all I really meant to say was that I really liked this story and I am glad I stumbled across it!
12/14/2007 c1 3felicitous4u
Ohh...you know? This has a very pleasing Constantine vibe for it.

I really really like your imagery ::pastes gold star:: Using the word "rainforest" in terms of one's eyelashes attaches all sorts of excellent connotations. Rainforests are exotic, full, lush, gorgeous. You managed to use one word where several would have crowded the room.

And here I am, believing that Junta exists and Mexico City needs to be visited.

Brilliant job.


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