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for Under the Influence

1/3/2013 c1 Avide1
Love "my brain is crawling around in my skull". Love it.
2/23/2010 c1 SlugHunter
Hey wow that was cool, it reminds me of fight club.. a lot :P specially in the tone created and the whole bluntness that gets us to step back and take a look at ourselves and basic nature and such

and by "drink that shit" in chapter 10.. did u mean water? -_-"

but yeah epic *thumbs up*
12/31/2008 c11 7Euphorialie
OH NO! I'm a horrible person. I haven't been keeping up with this wonderful piece! *lashes self*

Anyways, this chapter was AWESOME. I always love how you point out things that happen everyday, things we don't even notice, and show us how bad they are. Like basing so many emotions and actions on a computer screen and what it's telling us. This chapter made me think of the book 1984. There're these little wall screen things and everyone obeys them, sorta like computers. I also like the words you used this chapter. A lot of them really just jumped out at me and slapped me-in a good way, of course, defining your point.

Basically, this chapter was effing tight. Because we really do rely on the internet to vent our feelings. And you win at pointing that out. Favorite line: "Cyberspace is unreality, and you sink parts of yourself deeper into it everyday." That one just kicked ass. Go you.
9/23/2008 c2 RimJobsareGR8
This is also a great one! You should compile these and make a book of them all! Well, I guess that's what you're doing now! haha. Anyhow, your style of writing reminds me of John Grisham for some reason. Maybe James Frey. Anyhow, it's exceptional! I'm not sure if this really qualifies as a review, but I found it great and enjoyable to read!
9/23/2008 c1 RimJobsareGR8
This is actually quite great! I love it love it love it! If I were you, I would send a copy to a reader's magazine or a publisher.
8/19/2008 c10 RandomActs
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! (Really)Good chapter, whhat else will you find lurking in our great but beleagered (sp?) country?
8/11/2008 c9 4Leinnansidhe
Love it love it love it love it love it LOVE IT~!

Honestly, hon, the way you paint images in such a gruesome and candid way, with that twisted humour... well, it's delicious!

Glad to see this updated!
8/9/2008 c9 7Euphorialie
Ominous (said in a high pitched voice). I loved that one. Nothing quite like homicidal housewives (liked the new summary by the way) to brighten up your day. She doesn't seem to be too good at anger management, but not many people are. I like how she's so disconnected from 'the American dream'. Or whatever country. She's very bitter about all the things she should want because they clearly aren't making her happy. I understand that. So once again, spectacular job! I don't know when this was updated, but if it was a while ago I'm sorry I took so long to review. Anyways, great job!
8/9/2008 c9 RandomActs
Aw,the kid probably shouldn't have chocolate with his bad skin anyway. I hear the poetry over ChumbaWumba, hm, quite the jump to adulthood...I wonder if the vinegar would sting!
4/18/2008 c8 Euphorialie
A very deep question...would you help or not? I like that the guy was truthful, cause most people wouldn't help, but they would lie and say they would. Loved it, once again. Another important ethical question, another wonderfully unconcealed observation. :)
4/14/2008 c7 RandomActs
These are all exciting little peeks through dirty windows.You look in and you know you shouldn't be THAT interested but you squint anyway to get a better faster look!
4/9/2008 c7 Euphorialie
Yay! Someone else who hates on television! I love this whole story, it's so wonderful in a twisted sort of way. Even such a short chapter as this has such a huge impact. Amazing.

And ack, I know what you mean about standardized tests. We're doing MAP right now, which sucks. I sympathize with you greatly. :) Anyways, great job!
4/2/2008 c6 17Hitori-San-13
Wow I really like this story. Maybe it's because you finally tell the truth and you don't sugar-coat it.
3/30/2008 c6 7Euphorialie
Wow. Wow. Just...wow. This chapter was so DEEP. You critisized our mindless economy and worthlessness in one go...and for that I commend you. The last part was just perfect and so true...actually the whole thing was true. I'm just stunned. Making fun of "progress" is one of my favorite things to do so when I read this I was just sort of shocked into silence at its perfection. So, wonderful job. I can't think of words to explain how amazing this was, so just know that it was flawless.
3/29/2008 c6 Dellarose
I will give you ten years of servitude if you don't disappear ever again! ^_^ Tehehe, we missed you.
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