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for Angels of the Night

3/13/2013 c1 roxy
this was just awesome! please continue it! i would love to see more of this amazing angel story!
1/14/2008 c1 Denzel'sCRIMSON
Please continue to update this! Please! My God, this story is so good. I swear, I can see this as a book on the shelves of indigo or chapters—I’m not sure if they have those in America (they’re bookstores in Canada)—as one of their best sellers. Can I help you with this one? If not, I understand. I just want to do like corrections and stuff or whatever you need.

This story reminded me of this legend that I heard once, concerning the angel of death. Technically, you aren’t supposed to see him. That’s clear enough. If he isn’t coming after you, you don’t see him. But, if he appears before you, surely you will die. I’ve got a feeling that that man wasn’t going to commit suicide at all in this story. I think he’ll probably die by some other means on the way to meet that girl. Sheesh, that’ would be a tragedy.

I must commend you on your writing. I like the tense this story is written in. If fits. It feels like you’re right in there, following the characters of the story—maybe even feeling like you are one of them.

Also, is Calice a name, or does it mean something? I can’t wait for the next update! Update soon and very good work.
1/6/2008 c1 26Melladonna
Another favorite of mine! This one reminds me of a pair of twin angels I have in an upcoming story named Daikenja and Daikamui. I just noticed how creepily alike they are.

I'll be waiting for an update on this one!

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