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1/4/2008 c1 16Microsuede Mouse
That's fantastic. Extremely well written, explains every trail of thought, and holds the reader. Plus, it was funny. =) I really liked it.
12/20/2007 c1 another cc
I like it, even if the humor was a bit too obvious. It was still funny, and now it is an inside joke among my friends. Congrats.
12/17/2007 c1 10Lavender Quill
After having a mostly bad day...this was very encouraging. Despite the fact that you labeled writers as insane (only kidding) This was very well written and I hope you got an A for it. It was defiantly worth it.

You said you write to express yourself; I write to show my mind to others. Strange as this might sound; my writing is nothing like the person most people believe me to be. It allows me to have an adventure without having to do anything. I began writing due to emotional stress, lack of a social life (still do not have one) and illness. My stories were masterpieces in my childish opinion and I never allowed anyone to even see them. Finally I developed a bad case of hysteria and I showed my dad some of my poetry. He was not very encouraging; and my writing hit a stand still for about a year. Then... uh oh! I should probably have erased everything I just wrote about myself. (slaps head) Sorry to really bore you. I ramble a lot in my writing.

Anyway I really liked your essay and it was very humorous.

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