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for I Know Why You Dress In White

8/18/2009 c1 10CassandraStacy
This is hauntingly good. You have an amazing writing talent. Callie's not fleshed out all that much, but I actually think it's perfect that way because I feel as if that is how little Lilith would care about her; therefore that is how she sees her. Did you name her Lilith on purpose? Because that name can hold many connotations. Thank you so much for sharing this story!

12/14/2007 c1 3Simfreak111
this is creepy, but very good. it had a few awkward parts in in that could use a little touching up. talk to you later.
12/14/2007 c1 TheDJ
I can see why you are proud of it! That story was fantastic - I loved the way you so easily showed the building of the trust between Callie and Lily, and showed how Lily broke it down so quickly by 'playing the game'.

It is easy for me to say 'you could have done a little more with the relationship between Callie and Cole' because you could have - added a little more 'Cole pressuring Callie for sex' and Lily telling her to do it - cruel intentions style. But it's easy for someone who couldn't write something this good to say that. Really - it's a fantastic story, written in a simple but extrememly effective style, without any of the usual tense errors that accompany similar works that are written from a 'almost' third person perspective. Really well done.

On a personal level, I really, really enjoyed it - thought it was one of the best short one shots i'd read in a while. Congratulations - added as fave.


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