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for You're the Cream to my Soda

3/27/2008 c5 63Midnight Adrenaline
Update soon please
3/24/2008 c4 Midnight Adrenaline
Love it! Please update soon.
3/19/2008 c3 Octello
Augh, French! It sounds so nice, but thank you, thank you for putting the translations because I'm an idiot and cannot read it, or speak it for that matter.

And I like the character of Daniel so far. :)
3/17/2008 c3 Midnight Adrenaline
Couple of typos, and the french conversation has mistakes.

"Bien! Ca va très bien! Avez-vous entendu parler de la danse? Je suis très excité!"

"Oui, c'est formidable! Vous allez faire du shopping?"

"Oui, après l'école aujourd'hui. Et vous étés invités à venir si vous voulez!"

"Bien sûre, nous serons là."

"Formidable! Je le dirai aux autres gars dans ma prochaine classe."

Other than, I love it!

PS: I'm half-french
1/11/2008 c2 Octello
Kill Garcia, or something equally awful. He annoys me already! I want the teacher's lounge...
1/11/2008 c1 Octello
She's got flair, that's for sure! This looks to be very promising.
1/11/2008 c2 4Freakky-Looking-Darts
Pretty tight that I'm the only one that reviewed on your first chapter isn't it?

Love this chapter aswell

12/20/2007 c1 Freakky-Looking-Darts
great so far


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