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for My Best Friend

2/5/2008 c1 Crane Daitkai
How familiar, this reminds me of an old friend. Ironically, hatred and envy often go hand in hand, usually spurned by care or jilted concern- possibly a feeling of futility which this account is portraying. Probably the most difficult things about these relationships is that we see the opposite person break down, we know deep down inside there's still someone worthwhile in there but somewhere along the line they fall apart and morph into something horrible. The source of you anger isn't necessarily due to your outright "hatred" of the person, but the fact that you care so much and they care so little- possibly about you, but more likely about themselves.

Good dialog though, takes a lot of guts to confront it. Unless this was just a monologue then I'll jam my foot in my mouth and deem this the most convincing story on FP, hehe.
12/20/2007 c1 21Ekoaleko
Besides the rather abrupt ending, I absolutely loved it. I've never read anything that described jealousy so perfectly, especially in example. I love how everything centered on their contrast. Amazing work.

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