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4/3/2009 c11 fleur de l'est
I really like the way that your religious poems are similar, but they're all unique =) They all tie in together but are never repetitive.

Great use of traditional hymnal language, e.g. "oh Lord" "shine", looks like something taken straight out of the Book of Common Prayer, and I mean that in a good way! ^^
4/1/2009 c10 fleur de l'est
Love this chapter =) It includes both positive things and what we normally perceive as negative things, e.g. trials. But with all soberness of mind we know that God does whatever He does because He loves us, and so we should thank Him for everything.

A very refreshing piece.

4/1/2009 c9 fleur de l'est
=) Aww, bless!
3/7/2009 c7 fleur de l'est
=) Original idea! (As usual, ahem..) Great use of personification ^^

Hope Hope can stay in us.

2/19/2009 c6 fleur de l'est
Oh nice use of the name/noun Grace!

I like the way these poems always tell a story of their own =)

Beautiful and thought-provoking.

2/6/2009 c5 fleur de l'est
I know this is going to sound clich├ęd, but the poem has a glorious feel to it =) It's all jolly and.. shiny. Lol. I guess it's phrases like "lost in his grace" "filled with wonder" that do the trick. It's got a great hymn-like structure to it, not really leading to a specific thought but going deep into the love and light of God.

Great use of Bible quotes as well. Great work as usual!

2/2/2009 c4 fleur de l'est
I loved it - it has a beautiful flow. Excellent word choice e.g. "whisper", and it's easy to see how the piece builds up to a perfect ending =) It's the typical structure of religious poetry, but still unique and moving.

I'm just wondering what it would sound like if the third person (she) or the second person (you) were used - might be more general and even easier to connect to?

But anywho, I loved it and I'm favouriting it XD yay!

1/9/2009 c10 2Violet Thelaw
Ahh... the comment remains the same: big applause. :)
1/9/2009 c9 Violet Thelaw
Aww that was so sweet! It's nice to think that God could really be a Father you could tell about anything. :D
12/5/2008 c3 fleur de l'est
Keehee, so He's been singing with us every time we sing a hymn? ^^ No wonder hymns always sound so wonderful.

12/5/2008 c2 fleur de l'est
o_o This is such an original idea =) I loved the colloquial-ness of the language and making it seem so earthly and modern. Daddy's great, yeah sister!

11/17/2008 c7 Violet Thelaw
Wow another great poem! I especially loved the way you quoted it with the verse.

Great work!
11/16/2008 c6 Violet Thelaw
Aah! Finally, I've read it! It's really good and for some reason, your poems always connect to what's happening to me right now! Thanks for writing these! I'm glad God gave people different talents and you're actually using it. I hope I could write poems like these! They're great! It's just a thing of where to start...

Anyway, please post more soon! God bless!
11/12/2008 c1 Hope for Eternity
really inspiring poem...

so true-if only everyone felt the same way

thanks for posting

& God bless
11/12/2008 c6 Hidden Flowers
Cool poem! I like the way you blended the dialogue in.
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