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3/30/2012 c12 2WindsWhisp70
Oh Dale! He was so close to figuring out Syl's feelings! So close yet still so far! .
1/27/2012 c20 tart
Omigosh, just finished reading the entire story after three days lol and I LOVED IT xDDD It's so fluffy and cute and adorable and just the thing I've been looking for forever hear at FP! The only thing I wished was that the smutty scenes were more detailed LOLLL xP

And this is from the epilogue,

" "Talking of which…" Dale squirmed slightly. "Your, uh…your happy place is making my happy place…happy." "

Did you mean "Syl squirmed slightly"?
12/16/2011 c14 Cassy
...the red-haired cow is a bitch! -.- someone needs to knock her off that pedestal she's perched upon damnit -.-
12/16/2011 c2 Cassy
*strangling Syl* FUCKING IDIOT -.- grrr hehe i love the concept of bubbles, my foundation with my best friend at the moment was mental disorders ^^ Its a beautiful relationship to say the least~ BUT GOD WHY DID HE DO THAT? and a BIMBO! AT LEAST FIND SOMEONE WITH SOME PERSONALITY DAMNIT! (yes i know i miss spelled dammit, whatever, thats how i spell it~) i love the story so far! WOo~
7/27/2011 c19 Fumiki
Sorry about the spelling mistakes... I mean Dale, not Dane. Ah well, extra review :P
7/27/2011 c20 Fumiki
AWW! This was painfully addicting. I certainly loved the dialogue and the format you set it up in, it made it really easy to read. The tone you utilized was absolutely perfect: sweet and charming for a cute and entertaining story (specially from Dane POV). I was smiling all the way through this. The bits about Dane's naive minds made me laugh; he's a great character that you could have a lot of fun with. I do like Syl POV, because of the way his dirty mind picturing how to get on Dane's pants :P

This story honestly just made my day (yeah I read the whole 20 chapter today, I'm a yaoifan like that) thanks infinitely for that.
7/22/2011 c8 Kobashiftw
...You should feel very special...I'm about to say something I've never EVER thought I would say...You are probably more insane than I am...and even more pervy...I would have NEVER thought of someone pretending to be high to get with their geeky best friend...or walking into someone's house singing the little mermaid...and NEVER would have imagined anything like the barbie roleplaying seen...you are awesome.
7/22/2011 c6 Kobashiftw
dale is a clueless idiot and i want to kick him. and the part where he called Sly clueless made me facepalm so had i knocked my glasses off...
7/22/2011 c5 Kobashiftw
Nope totally didn't think Sab would turn out like that...but I still don't like her. She say 'like' so much that if i met her in real life I would go insane. lol
6/27/2011 c20 LoveYouMe
Just read this story again, and I'm just as in love with it as when I first read it.


PS: LoveYouMe is my account, I just couldn't be bothered to log in. so sue me xD 3
6/26/2011 c20 Hayonushi Takintoshiba
Ummm... well, wow.

So glad that I didn't have to go throught the torturous waiting for all of that because I believe that my mind would of exploded due to frustration.

WOW. For a story that you weren't all that sure where it was going, that was fantastic.

Fuck, no, it's just friggin' amazing for all stories in general.

Your characters are so dysfunctional :') I love it!

And your authors notes are, like, the BEST THINGS EVER.

I have to go and read your other stuff now.

(PS Why is this story not labled as complete?)
6/25/2011 c20 i-wish-i-had-wings
aww, they are just so...odd xD hmm, i never thought syl would get cold feet after he finally got dale, i'm glad they got back together though. unless it was just a joke? well anyway, i fucking loved it, thank you for sharing ;D
5/30/2011 c19 PineappleBoxers
I'm sorta disappointed that they weren't very fluffy after sex, but I'm being unrealistic. Yayy happy-ish ending! I enjoyed reading the fic! TO THE EPILOGUE.
5/30/2011 c17 PineappleBoxers
Holy crap IT FINALLY HAPPENS. Or at least, I looks like it's happening. I'm so happy! -impatiently waits for the next chapter to load-
5/30/2011 c16 PineappleBoxers
How thick can a person be? I need to slap Dale. I hope Syl rapes him. :c
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