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10/22/2010 c1 5Ray Murata
I know I've sent you a review just some time ago, when I read the whole story.. But oh well.. On the follwing day, at class, I was drawing and then it turned out I drew Dale & Syl.

I ended up messing Syl's eye/face but I thought I'd send it to you, still. One never know.. You might like it. lol Nonetheless, it's fan art. *_* http:/i9./albums/a66/ray_murata/DSC01511.jpg
10/22/2010 c3 butterflylane
dude bubblebuster and pineapple nectar thats hot
10/18/2010 c19 bs49184
hows that the end

that made no sense is he lying to dale or now that he had wat he wanted he no longer wants it

ihope theres an epilogue cause im confused
10/18/2010 c19 Ray Murata
BLODY LORD! The story got me from the very first sentences - I have to tell you this. Dale is a fucking awesome narrator. I loved it from the very initial paragraphs and I just KNEW I would end up spending half of my night (it's almost 2 am) reading this. Worth evert minute.

It was crazy... Dale... Whoa. I would dare say there's a lot of you in him because he's so in-depth and yet you mentioned, time and again, this story was just random brainstorm. But Dale's 3-D... from the start. At least I think so. What an adorkable geek.

Then.. I went on, reading and reading and some things got me less turned on, like the fact everyone knew of Syl's obsession for Dale... But then the proportions of his maniacal, sick obsession really show. I love it. The end is twisted... It's dubious, very unique and interesting. It surprised me - I can't deny I expected sappy stuff. I got much more than I hoped - You're awesome.

Loved BUBBLES... I just wish you'd have talked more about bubbles close to the end.. They say it's good to make a cycle, you know? No untied ends. Which reminds me... Katie and Champagne were also left unattended. Maybe you could let the reader know what happened to them, at the end? To the ART project, at least? This could render more chapters! It totally could... But obviously, the author decides, not the readers. (or maybe the readers can be powerful as well? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did revive Sherlock Holmes due to the massive amount of fans' pleads, didn't he? xD)
9/28/2010 c19 yasmin
NO NO NO you cant stop! i love it! :DD please, pleaase carry on!
9/20/2010 c12 ShadowHeHaHo-deleted
Oh my uberJesus, Dale is a dumb-butt. ;)
9/20/2010 c4 ShadowHeHaHo-deleted
DUDE! I'M asexual too! Yay! :D Obviously Dale isn't really, but still. Asexuals are more fun... in a totally non-gross way. ;)
9/11/2010 c10 annouska
I wasn't going to review until I read all the chapters, but that reference to the Forbidden Planet made me review. The thing is, this story has EVERYTHING I like! Slash, references to Gogol Bordello (whom I saw live last year at Rockwave festival in Athens, btw), Britain, my of all the countries I've visited, Greeks (you know, the saying with Greeks bearing gifts, which btw comes from Odysseus' trick to con the people of Troy into letting the Greeks in the city) which I guess appeals to my pety pride for my country, and now, Forbidden Planet, the place I loved the most when I visited London (along with the Dominion theatre and the Tate gallery). Also, there's the bubblewrap thing. I was obsessed when I was a kid. I can see why our little freak would love it so much!Anyway, you probably don't care about that, very reasonably. About the story, I find your writing very entertaining, your characters are well-developed, and the plot flows quite nicely! I need to go read more now! Great job so far!
9/2/2010 c19 3Loveless Breath
Lolz on the grindgasms. Loved it. It's cool that you took so long. It took me so long to find time to read the last chapter. I need to update my stories too X_c
8/25/2010 c19 butterflylane
it was truly funny and totally random :)
8/2/2010 c9 4Sweet-Cakesz24
Oh my god that was so hot!
8/2/2010 c5 Sweet-Cakesz24
Ughh I hate the way Sabrina talks its annoying
8/2/2010 c2 Sweet-Cakesz24
I liked the way Syl described his love for Dale in such detail but hate the way he's acting.
7/23/2010 c9 7Sorrows Of The Dawn
This is the first time in a whole year that I found something as fricking good as this that I actually bothered to review. You are amazing. I love you. Seriously, marry me? ^_^
7/22/2010 c19 homepage

I dont understand.I'm so confused. Maybe hes like... No I can't come up with an excuse for his behavior! -_- Maybe Im just an idiot and Im not getting it.

Go to happy place!Happy place!

Ok,now I can make a review that doesn't sound like it came from a complete psycho.

^-^I really really really liked your story. It was so fucking hilarious. Your characters are so quirky and that makes me love 'em all. The ending was uh.. something I completely didn't expect but I won't die cause these two aren't boyfriends.I gotta accept, ya' know.

C: I'll be lurking around reading your other stories!
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