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for Von Dammsel in Distress

12/26/2007 c1 firedraygon97
Hahaha, this is such a lovely premise. The whole Classified section bit is hilarious. I'm really looking forward to how Prince Ulrich von Royal *snorts* deals with his damsel. Please write more soon!

12/25/2007 c1 scentedkisses
What an awesome start to the story! lol i cant wait for the next updates!

luv gem
12/25/2007 c1 3Siamh
Oh god please, you must finish this story! I just finished watching Enchanted by waltdisney... So this story is just... I'm speechless. Update soon!
12/25/2007 c1 Pivoine
FUNNY! Please can you write more? I want to know where your story is leading to...it seems very original and well Prince Ulrich is so damn cute,such a disappointment! Frederic is remarkably composed ! I love him!
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