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for Crazy rich students and a normal girl

12/12/2008 c33 4jessnutsss
Aww, chap 33 is too short :( Can't wait for more!
10/17/2008 c33 5ShayLa X CailLat
this story is good. its not AMAZING! but is good. i want to know what happens next! i just read all 33 chapters at the same time hehe i like it. hurry up and write more.
10/4/2008 c33 2Adis Crow
Gyah, Teresias, that was fast. You only just met her, after all. (But it'll turn out for the best.)

10/1/2008 c33 Keasa
I like the story. The only prob I have is the length and the splits.
10/1/2008 c33 11Naomi Chick
It really is mix feeling for Silenica and Teresias. Can't wait to see what happen next.
10/1/2008 c33 7Levana Chaos
ahh thats so cute! this just keeps getting better and better.
9/15/2008 c32 Levana Chaos
ahh thats hella cute!
9/2/2008 c32 1Da.ChiicK.Fr0m.H3LL
is it over? i sure hope not =). this was a pretty emotional story. the chapters were short but i liked it all the same. if there are more chapters plz update soon!
7/12/2008 c32 11Naomi Chick
Aww wonderful! Well have a good trip. By then I probably have the next chapters ready.
7/12/2008 c32 16Microsuede Mouse
Aww! That's amazing Silencia~
7/12/2008 c32 2Adis Crow
Aaw, it's so kawaii! Have fun in Turkey!

7/2/2008 c31 16Microsuede Mouse
Hehe, cool. Can't wait to see if we meet Melissa~!
7/2/2008 c31 11Naomi Chick
Silencia sure does has good friend that are willing to help her find her missing sister. I can't wait to see Silencia twin sister. I can't believe Darker Hersey is accusing you of ripping this story off. It oblivious Darker Hersey is lying. That mess up right there.
7/2/2008 c31 2Adis Crow
Congratulations on 100 reviews! (Wow-when did that happen?) Nice chapter by the way, Anthony is-frightening-an yet somehow also really cute. I hope we get to see more of him, and Melissa. They have to find Melissa!

5/20/2008 c1 5rogueninja
I haven't read this (sorry, sounds interesting, but I haven't gotten to it yet) but I know that Darker Hershey ripped it off. If you would just take the time to look at the publication dates, then you would see that this was started on 12-27-07, while DH's was started on 3-23-08.
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