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for Crazy rich students and a normal girl

5/15/2008 c30 16Microsuede Mouse
5/15/2008 c29 Microsuede Mouse

Your writing's getting better, Silencia!
5/15/2008 c28 Microsuede Mouse
I'm so sorry it took me so long to get to this ;-;

But other than that-

YAY! I was hoping for that!


5/10/2008 c30 nikki
omg! that was fuching great! i'm really speachless!
5/8/2008 c30 2Adis Crow
Eeh, poor Silencia. I hope they find Melissa soon; I was just waiting for them to offer to help, with their rich-boy facilities and... stuff. Lovely chapter, update soon!

5/8/2008 c30 Amanda
you are so slow at updatting and your chappters are very short. So can you please make your chaptters longer and please update every day! Thank you!
5/8/2008 c30 11Naomi Chick
Great chapter. Hope thing go well for everyone.
5/8/2008 c30 4YuukiAura
Oh my gosh...that's a freaking surprise right there. Ah...you've got the giddy feeling going through me right now. Please update soon. (:
5/6/2008 c29 7Levana Chaos
this was a great chapter! i hope that there is more too it too
5/6/2008 c28 Levana Chaos
ah! thats so cute! i love it!
4/30/2008 c29 2Adis Crow
Very nice dream sequence; I had a feeling that she was a mini-Silencia. What happens next?

4/30/2008 c29 11Naomi Chick
Wow! That was really deep. I know how Silencia feel about not wanting to be alone. Can't wait for the next chapter.
4/29/2008 c28 2Adis Crow

Sudden but sweet.

And I'd like to know who kissed Silencia-I wonder if she'll remember when she wakes up?

4/25/2008 c28 11Naomi Chick
Great chapter. Oh my gosh. Aww that was sweet for whoever kissed Silencia on the forehead. Oh wow! Jason confesses his love to Vanessa.
4/25/2008 c1 centenarian
Well, I just wanted to say that your plot kinda struck me. This is totally useless I know but anyways... I go to a friggin' private school too, for all girls and right across the street from us is an all boy's private school!. Yeah, and we're kinda like rich kids, overpriced tuition fees but hell, we're not all that rich as everyone to have credit cards. Just a few of us have. But we're not owned by the same guy. The girl's is owned by a nuns and the guy's are owned by priests. So you can imagine what a total bull they teach us there. Catholic nonsense. And yes, I do understand what Teresias feels. I want to feel what it feels like to be a "commoner". I begged my mom to be transferred to a public school but of course, no. Well...i sorry to let you listen to all that. Nice story.
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