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for Crazy rich students and a normal girl

4/24/2008 c27 7Levana Chaos
so like are you going to have jas and nessa hook up that would be really cute! sorry that i havent read in a while. i havent had net latter
4/13/2008 c27 2Adis Crow
'Kay after this, Jason and Vanessa had better become a pair, 'cause that was just too cute! Vanessa's shy and Jason's clueless! YEAH!

4/12/2008 c27 4YuukiAura
Oh wow...they finally found them. Oh by the way...Happy Early Birthday. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. (:
4/12/2008 c27 16Microsuede Mouse

And happy almost-birthday~
4/12/2008 c27 11Naomi Chick
Great chapter. I'm glad everyone is okay. Can't wait for the next chapter.
3/31/2008 c26 7Levana Chaos
hey that was great! sorry it took so long for me to read didnt have the net for a week or so.. that was great. sungle snugle!
3/30/2008 c26 16Microsuede Mouse
Can't wait for more!
3/30/2008 c26 2Adis Crow
lol, I think Silencia's the one being treated like a teddy bear... But I hope Jason and Vanessa find out soon that their friends are not, in fact, buried under snow... O_O

3/29/2008 c26 4YuukiAura
Wow...not bad...I wonder if Jason and Vanessa will find them. I'll be waiting for the next chapter. (:
3/29/2008 c25 4E. Collins
this is really good! I hope you update soon! I don't know if I like vannesa at all. She seems like she could be a back stabber.
3/29/2008 c26 11Naomi Chick
Great chapter!
3/23/2008 c25 1zela3
This was interesting, but you made a grammatical error...you said "Then we’ll LEARN you!" but what you need to say is "Then we'll TEACH you!" it's the wrong word, and I just thought I'd tell you that so you can go and fix it!
3/23/2008 c2 1green.jellybeans.rock.my.socks
hi coninue with this story i luv

3/23/2008 c25 2Adis Crow

Wow, dramatic. I wonder what triggered it? The only thing I'd say is that the entire avalanche thing seemed a little sudden; you might want to flesh out the moments before it happens a little more.

Otherwise, nice work-where's Jason in all of this?

3/22/2008 c25 7Levana Chaos
thats so sad that she going barried in the snow like that...
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