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for The Pregnant Life of Norah Jade

3/18/2008 c21 1overE
Hmm... as interesting as ever. Love the backstories with the family, it adds a sense of actual people, not just one-dimensional characters. Great.

3/17/2008 c21 18found.eventually
My eyes are awfully tired now. Hahaha. Can you believe I finished reading 21 chapters! GAH. Need sleep after this. XP ANYWAY, I like what you have so far. You have uhm, grammar errors and typos every once in a while, but it gets better. You might wanna go back and edit some chapters, though, it gets irksome after a while. But it's pretty good! And I like how you relate songs to each chapter! I LOVE rocking around the christmas tree. It's just so.. homie. HAHAHA.

And I happen to realize that uhm, the description of Norah... It's like, you, isn't it? *wink wink nudge nudge* haha!
3/17/2008 c21 15collypollyy
YAY! devon and norah fluffiness! i am happy now...

and riley reminded of Hayley from Paramore! with the red hair and the blonde on the bottom!


in paramore i love the drummer ZAC! hottness behond!


well the chapter was really good.. i like the long chapters personally.

Maybe in the next chapeter u can explain what happened between jamie and vincent

anyway, nice update! update soon!
3/17/2008 c10 1overE
Aw... sweet tank! It may be cliche, but I'm loving it.
3/17/2008 c2 1overE
Hmm... if it's not as cliche as it sounds it's gonna be, it could actually be pretty cool. Edit the chapters before you post, though. There are spelling and grammar errors.

3/15/2008 c20 4MidnyghtVampyrezz
i think its gonna be texas because i happen tpo know 3 people by the name of Texas...all girls... And i absolutly am stll lovin this story!
3/15/2008 c20 2xoPeace

so states

I think some of the following;




(then without the north or souths)




I love this story.
3/14/2008 c20 2Goldenstars
LOVE this chapter

1 love the little random chapters that bring the people closer

when everything is going into place

CANT wait to find out wats gunna happen wif jamie & vince

name ideas: Louisiana, Georgia, Indiana

feel special cuz i had 2 look up the states to no wat they are cuz l live in auz

i didnt even no georgia was a state l always that it was a name orginally

yer well lm babblin great writin :D kept going
3/11/2008 c19 15collypollyy
hahaha i laughed hard in this chapter

cuz jamie reminds me of me... hahah i liked 1 or 2 rebellious idiot before... and of course... it came out bad... i cried.. their friends made fun of me... gave me dirty looks... yeah just really bad.. then one of them tried 2 make me jealous...idk why... like i said in my other reviews guys suck AND they cant make up their own DAMN minds! :)

ahaha im rambling again and not even reviewing the chapter! heh

it was good! again!

maybe something will happen with jamie and the idiot! hah

just do me a favor... bring dev back more... like make him have some initmites (sp?) with her a the xmas party... just a suggestion!

anway... GREAT UPDATE!

2/25/2008 c18 4MidnyghtVampyrezz
I love it!
2/25/2008 c18 15collypollyy
Again, i liked this chapter!

Jamies first crush?

Gosh I had my first crush in pre-school... then later in 7th grade he completely destoryed my heart... guys suck... ANYWAY :) nice update!

Update soon please!
2/24/2008 c18 Writing Utensil
Evilness yay! The evilness helps the story. XD. I was just going to say I really like Steven. Maybe I'm just being random...I don't know.
2/18/2008 c17 collypollyy
Yeah.. i listen 2 all those songs... all of them are my favorite! haha

anyway.. i loved this chapter and i cant believe it was 11 pages! good job! hahah

and i think that was a cute ending where Devon came back.. very cute!

Well Update Soon!
2/15/2008 c17 Writing Utensil
XD liked the chapter and started laughing when I read your reply to my review. I read fantasy so often that I miss reading realistic (well I find fantasy very realistic but that's just the product of falling in love with a story) stories every once in awhile. I'm following this tale. ^^ And be wary of my grammar freakishness (not a word I know). My "editor" is evil. Not saying that I'm not...
2/14/2008 c17 4MidnyghtVampyrezz
I still am lovin this story and dev and norah are in such a cute love so please hurry and update soon
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