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for The Pregnant Life of Norah Jade

1/5/2008 c8 4MidnyghtVampyrezz
I love this! but i keep having this feeling that devs going to leave her...which is extremely sad...
1/5/2008 c7 Waiting-Impatiently
Hey its pretty good but im a bit confused. At 4 months, you dont show yet. At 5 months alone, your foetus is the size of a small grapefruit so at 4 months i dont think she can have such a big stomach. Just some advice. Story is great apart from that!
1/5/2008 c7 redglasses18
that was good. but how can Dev's parents not believe it when their son says he impregnated a girl? This story is awesome! write more!
1/4/2008 c2 1Jada Heart
This is a very good story.

Sorry to be correcting spelling, but each time you put in the word "bearly" it should be spelt "barely"

I just noticed that, sorry.

The description is very interesting it would be nice if you added more detail, though.

Overall, I love the story.
1/3/2008 c5 redglasses18
ha! Nikki deserved to get suspended! Norah is a strong person. staying at school even though all those rumors were circulating around her. Dev is so sweet! What makes this story so good is that this is real, it could happen to anyone.

paweez update soon! -redglasses18
1/3/2008 c4 redglasses18
that was awesome! but that must have been awkward... the pregnant buddies thing was cute. luv ur story!
12/28/2007 c3 3spillover
Well, this sounds like a somewhat cliche plot line. You know, cheerleader and her popular jock boyfriend hook up and she gets knocked up. All though, in your case, it does sound like you know more about cheerleading than most. But that doesn't mean much coming from me, since I'm not a cheerleader, I'm a basketball player. :) I'm interested to see where you take this. You said it wouldn't be cliche, and I've only read the three chapters so I can't say what will happen, but so far it's sounding somewhat cliche.

And about the plot: Is the plotline following her pregnancy, is it her telling her family about her pregnancy, or is the plot focusing on what happened to her that lead up to her pregnancy?

Hope this helped!
12/28/2007 c2 29lupine-eyes
Interesting. I like the fact that her boyfriend isn't bolting, even though she's preggers. Its not a bad story, but some of the sentence structure is a little... off.
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