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for Playing with Hazardous Toys

8/4/2013 c1 Guest
This was awesome. Please add to this story. Intrigued by Diem and the dynamics of the band. Adrien too of course!
3/18/2010 c1 1Handsome Devil

You should be starting another story! This is great!

Continue please!

Update soon.. or else. *shakes fist*

I can be incredibly scary, I know. :P
6/3/2008 c1 4Amindaya
Cool. :) Another story that may perhaps in the future be updated with awesomeness. :)
5/20/2008 c1 23plumblossom
This is promising. I hope that you haven't left it behind. I expect it's going to get really embarrassing for our intrepid reporter before he begins to understand things.
2/19/2008 c1 iono
Your stories are bloody fantastic, yeah they are,

LMAO now that wasn't a trite platitude, was it? :_)
2/4/2008 c1 Sobran
It'd be so cruel not to continue this story. Some lines really cracked me up. Plot wise, I totally love it: the fixation on Angel, the hate and hopefully, potential-love relationship. I would love to read more on AdrienxDiem interactions. weirdly, diem is a girls' name in my culture. Please update soon.
1/7/2008 c1 magalina
I was eating a cookie when I read the "Embracing the ‘Gay’ in Bengay" part...you made me choke. Not very nice.


I love this D: I like Diem, I don`t want it to be just five chapters long ;_; Hope you update soon!
1/4/2008 c1 Salvation Tuna
Ay, my, me - a fresh piece to devour!

You daredevil, you. Squirting out another original! Where does all that manic-creativity come from?

Whatever's tickling your pickle - keep it breathing; cuz' this lurker is ecstatic that you decided to post another inkling of your ingenuity. -sprinkles confetti-

"Playing with Hazardous Toys".

Yeah. That's my kind of title right there.

It probably has a subliminal message of a sort.

We all know that when you play with fire, you undoubtly get burned- But what about the latter, eh? When you play with hazardous toys? What happens then? -nudge nudge-


I'll just have to see where you take me with this story. Take me to high places, baby. -wink-

Angel's sexy. Well, pretty-boy sugarpatty-lickin' sexy. But that's what I deduce from Adrien's description. And you know how lust dulls all common sense and form of judgement - but hell, that's what makes it so go-od.

Angel seems down-to-earth, I like it. Sometimes a little shy, perhaps? He's cute.

Adrien on the other hand, is a flustered ball of humpin' energy. Awkward, quirky, and a feisty shabang. I'm digging it.

Oh ~~ and Diem. Ka-Powie.

I really, really - really, like im'. Just because there's friction between him and Adrien. And, naturally, he's goddamn orgasmic. Uh, the guy has dark eyes and bleached hair. Friggin' masturbating material.

This is where Logic starts tilting.

We've got two positions to play with in a purely male relationship. Personally, I think it's the first aspect we attempt to identify when the two primary characters of a story are revealed. Cuz' we love guessing on who gets to do what - and well, from what angle.

It's hard to imagine Fluffy blonde blue eyed Angel, topping the less fluffy and more temper-prone Adrien. As for Vice Versa? A possibility, but then there's Diem.


He reeks manliness. Bloody dominance. Hard-core masculinity that makes the nether regions sweat.


I wish to see more of the characters. The story is so far fantastic, and is leaking with potential - But of course, that's only normal - you wrote it. :)

I'm still expecting those oneshots you got dancin' around.

The Summary is great the way it is. It can't get any snappier or punchier than that, really.
12/31/2007 c1 4mandrake-o
I like it so far. I feel like I should give you more constructive criticism than that, but I think I might have to read it again... it's after midnight and I wouldn't be awake if it wasn't NYE. Happy 2008!

And I hate it when you're writing one story and somehow another story steals all your attention.

=) Mandraco.
12/29/2007 c1 turtledonkey27
hm...yeah, I hope Adrien can improve a little on his interview skills. :) I look forward to seeing him take that second look at Diem.

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