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for The Importance of Getting Revenge

8/7/2009 c34 MistressBlack852
Hi! I just started reading this story on authonomy after I read the first chapter today, and I thought I'd tell you your story is absolutely brilliant! As in everything about your story :)

Ahh I'm upset that you aren't going to upload the whole story onto authonomy :(

That being the case, could you let me know the details when you publish it? :) I would really like a copy of your book! :D
8/3/2009 c35 Mai-lee T

Since you are not the only plagiarized author, famous fictionpress writers such as Myrika, Samanthanicole, simonexsays, JDallen and a few others have made a livejournal account and made a whole livejournal group called "Plagiarism Heaven" where they post their stories and only people who have been checked out (fictionpress name, past comments, email address, etc.) are allowed to read their precious stories.

Just thought you should know about it in case you ever want to post your stories in a safe place :]

Best of luck,

8/3/2009 c1 Lyn
I must say that I'm mighty glad that I got to read the final chapter before you deleted the story. It was a great story and I wish it would continue. I wonder how that copy-girl is feeling after seeing the results to her actions.
8/1/2009 c35 Anonymous

Like to say i enjoyed reading this story and always looked forward to your updates. Damn shame bout the whole plagiarism thing. People are idiots if they copy other people's work, they just dumb.

I've been following your story on the other site you put it on but have no account coz i already got loads myself. Anyway just want to say i support you with this plagiarism thing, and hopefully that this girl that copied your story gets her just deserts...
8/1/2009 c35 sorryaboutthelight
If I where you I would be at whatsername's house with a 22 and a memorized speech about idiocy.
7/31/2009 c35 alleycat5
It's such a shame that your story was plagiarized like most of the good writers in FP. It is because of you writers that we have the chance to enjoy a good read. How can a plagiarist feel good with a good review if he/she did not write the story? Tsk tsk! These kind of people are sick. Good luck on your book!
7/31/2009 c35 XxvampirebloodxX
what the fuck? who's that bitch? how dare she have the guts to plagiarize? pardon me... it's just frickin shitty of her to do that. this is an AWESOME story! and now a lot of people, who loves this story to death (i'm sure) will have to wait. argh! i'd support you if you wanted to strangle her then burn her or whatever. i just hope you'll be able to solve that shitheads problem, so i could get back to reading this awesome story! xoxo
7/30/2009 c23 35peaceloverocknroll21
omg. wat happened? you had up to chapter 25 up, and now they are all gone? and you have hardly updated on your other one, authonomy, either. please please please finish posting it. im so addicted!
7/30/2009 c35 1victorcharlie
UGH... I really hope those shitheads die in hell.

But for what it's worth, I think Trish and I could've been very good friends.

Awaiting thy story,


[really, really, REALLY hoping that karma does something wonderfully crappy to "ThugMuffinz11" (what type of name is that anyways?)]
7/30/2009 c35 Sarah
That sucks! I'm sorry about all that shit your going through with people stealing your work! If that happened to me I know I would be hell-a pissed! Sad as I was hoping to read the last few chappies but what can you do... Hope whoever stole your work is going through some sort of pain.
7/29/2009 c1 9lumanarann
It sucks to like the first chapter and then not have anything after it...so when is the book coming out?
7/28/2009 c35 Joggi
Hi :D i am sorry that someone plagerised your story :( it is Really good and i want to know what will happen! damn bitches who takes other peoples stories! (sorry that i swear...) but anyway... hope that you one day decide to publish the story again so i can finish it :D -Joggi ;D
7/28/2009 c8 Nini61278
colud you put in the Begining of the story that the whole thing isnt there that way people who are just looking for a good story to read wont have to waist their time starting yours
7/27/2009 c1 35peaceloverocknroll21
please please please keep updating on this story on the other site. im so addicted, i check if you update morning and night. please please keep at it.
7/26/2009 c1 Sparkleberry
I love this story! Very unique!
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