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for The Importance of Getting Revenge

4/20/2012 c1 Kusari-Gama
Love the beginning.

Also, the inkpop link is NOT working. I even tried looking it up on google and nothing came up. It is extremely frustrating as stories like yours are rare treasures.

Yes, I have read your last chapter. Yes, I understand your fear of being plagiarized. After all, being a writer of a 50k+ word story every November tends to make anybody extra-protective of their precious work.

In case if you didn't know what I was taking about, that was NaNoWriMo, a site where you write 50,000 words in thirty days.

4/20/2012 c2 Mikariangel
I just started reading your story and I think the beginning is amazing :)

I also found the first three chapters on some other website: worthy of publishing?

I was wondering if you have any place where i can finish reading it :)

inkpop doesn't have, authonomy doesn't either :(


4/15/2012 c1 Shanez3
Hey, I am sorry about what happened with this story !

I read the first chapter without knowing the story was plagiarased and was really looking forward to read the others !

Is there anywhere where we can read it ?

Lots of websites like I don't know if you know wattpad are safe against plagiarism :)
4/4/2012 c1 aishah-123

I just came across your story and i loved the first chapter.

IS it possible for me to read the rest anywhere else, please let me know!
4/1/2012 c1 Viva-la-Mylo
Hi! I'm so sorry that happened to you I know I'm a little late here bit I just came across your story and I was hooked I was just wondering if you got it published? I really wanna buy it because I loved the first chapter and wanna see what happens. Thank you!
3/25/2012 c2 rsmith1219
No ink pop... I would love any chance to read this! If there's anyway you could let us know that'd be great. Seeing chapter 2 saying you that was almost heartbreaking! I got hooked within a matter of seconds...
2/12/2012 c2 Lula500
Unfortunately, I seem to be in the same predicament as MagicalSparks49. Is there still any way to read this story? From what I've seen so far, it sounds amazing.
1/7/2012 c35 Alice in Wanderland
I'd just discovered this story, so I was a little disappointed when I found out that I didn't get to read the rest of it (especially because I could just tell from the first chapter that this was the kind of story I would really like). But I guess I understand the whole plagarism thing going on; it does kind of stink for other people to pass off your own hard work as their own.

Anyways, I'm just a little confused about this; does this mean that we can't read it off any website anymore? Are you publishing your story so that we'll have to buy it?
12/24/2011 c4 5Juliet Scar
I would like to buy a copy if it came out! Ya know, since this was last updated three-ish years ago so I think it already came out- PLEASE REPLY! :D
12/3/2011 c35 2Bandgeekclarinet14
I am so sorry this happened to you. :/

I really wanted to read this story..so i tried reading it on Inkpop, but nothing will come up.. and I kept searching it.

Many people have expressed juts how amazing this story is, and I am sad that I will not be able to join in on the praise.

But from what I have heard, this story is amazing.

I hope everything is cleared up for you.
11/28/2011 c34 J. Chan
This was a refreshing, good read. A high school story that was believable, and bittersweet. I'm glad I got to read up to chapter 33 (since most people don't seem to be having much luck reading past chapter 1). I am grateful you gave this story a happy ending!

However, I am sad that I cannot read the epilogue of this story. It would be nice to see where Jase and Lexi go from here. If you ever publish this story, please, PLEASE let me know so I can buy a copy to keep on my bookshelf.
11/1/2011 c1 1Jayy161
finally i have found a story that's not boring!
10/28/2011 c4 Clarise is too fine
I'm so pissed i can't read this story !
10/22/2011 c2 3peacelovejay
it's gone :( i was really looking forward to reading it! well, you're a great writer anyway :D
10/22/2011 c1 peacelovejay
yay sounds great! so excited to
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