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for The Importance of Getting Revenge

10/14/2011 c2 would love the story
OK, you need to put that this story was taken down from FP. One, it sucks that you got plagiarize, but it's not fair to the people that start reading it (and absolutely loves it)and now they can't read it anymore. It's not on InkPop.
8/31/2011 c1 Cindy
i have gone onto ink pop and this book is not there... whas the go
8/15/2011 c2 1pandakim
haii the story is awesome so far and I really want to read more...sadly inkpop didn't work it said not found or smth like that...if there's another link I can read can u plz pretty plz send it to me or if it's publish can u tell meh so I van buy it:)

8/14/2011 c35 3jennalizing

Sorry to hear about the plaigiarism. However, I am interested in buying the book if you have published it already. Please let me know and good luck in your writing aspirations :)
8/1/2011 c35 3LorriBetha
To say I'm not seriously disappointed would be a lie, to only find this story today, get excited by reading the first chapter, having hope for this story, and then to see that the story has now been taken down. If I were you, I'd put in huge capitals on that first chapter that the story has now been removed, so this doesn't happen again =P I mean, I get the reasons why you had to take it down, and I'd do the same if I was plagiarized, but it was kind of a blow to find the story now gone!

But if you do end up self-publishing this book, I'd be very grateful if you'd put a chapter up on this story, as a link to where we can buy it. I'd really like to read this!
7/27/2011 c2 Rukidio
Hi! i really like your story but i can't read chapter 2 inkpop! there's somewhere else i can read?
7/23/2011 c35 germanspeaker
Uhm I tried reading it at your InkPop account...but there is nothing to read...so where can I read you story if you still allow it?

You can contact me at
7/18/2011 c2 6trippy.cat.girl
I couldn't get the link to work =(
7/14/2011 c2 Disappointed
I just found your story and am very disappointed to read what happened. I completely understand why you'd take the story down. I searched the internet for a half hour following your livejournal and Authonomy or whatever it is links, and I can't find the rest of this story ANYWHERE. Which saddens me because all of the reviews that I've read for it have been simply fabulous! I hope one day you'll repost the story to FictionPress and that I find it! Happy writing until then!
7/6/2011 c4 T
Please Please Please could u post this story back on here i cant find it on ink pop no matter how many times i try and i really like it!
6/25/2011 c2 1keep.me.a.secret
it says there are no results. i really want to read this so please help me out.
6/19/2011 c2 Guest
how do i read this story the link u gave isn't working
6/17/2011 c1 Mad Ink
Hello! *waves* I remember you!

You were (or still are, I quit that site so idk) on Inkpop. I read your story there.

This is getting published, right? Wasn't that the deal when you get on the top five or something to that effect?

Best of luck to you in that case!

6/17/2011 c35 marla
hi! i love your story! hope you could publish it sooner! i'll buy ittt! coz i haven't finished it yet. huhuhu
6/16/2011 c1 star
I really think you should put removed under your summary because I started reading it (til 11th chapter - somewhere else you posted it) and fell in love with it and now I can't read it on inkpop (it says no project found) or anywhere especially when you put that it will be posted in inkpop...I think it's pretty crappy to post just enough to get people interested and then removed it without a warning under the description because I would have not even bothered in the first place!
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