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11/24/2005 c1 4Cu-Ifrinn
Hi, I'm sorry I suck at giving reviews ^^- but I just wanted to let you know how much I adored your story! Thanks for sharing!
2/7/2004 c1 34Skiv
That's awesome! I love it! It's sad but none the less!
12/1/2003 c1 8decAying
*sniffle* that's sweet, in a very sad sense...
unfortunately, i don't have the fugees on mp3.. but carole king's so far away substituted as pretty good accompaniment.
5/21/2003 c1 4Eiji
*sniffle* How sad. It totally love it!
4/20/2002 c1 Leeny
OMG i'm hysterical crying right now.
12/11/2001 c1 ThatGirl4
Noo... that was so sad... *sniff, sniff*
11/20/2001 c1 1Scarlet Hawk
That story was a tear-jeaker! I read your review in the Clan of the Cave Bear bashing thingie that that one person did, and I wanted to say THANK YOU! That book is my name-sake (my real name is Ayla) ! :-) So, thanks so much for bursting her bubble! I is happy now... :-D
7/7/2001 c1 Mira McGrath
Wow. this is really good. very well written. it made me cry. but thats kinda really easy to do. Well, keep writing.

4/6/2001 c1 2Ella Afleck
I'm glad you liked my story. This is really good too, its honest. Very dramatic and sad.

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