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for When You Left

2/24/2008 c1 3torn pieces
Everything seems unkind but

It’s you I urge to keep

So I wait here in the hope

That we can see eye to eye

-This poem has so much emotion in it, I love it. Keep writing, you are a true poet. ;)
1/29/2008 c1 SnackySnackSnackSnackSnack
The last 2 lines are especially good.

"In doubt you’re minds on me" should be your, I think.
1/20/2008 c1 43lookin4nemo
oh my gosh this i swonderful but very sad...keep it up and i can't wait to read more!=)
1/19/2008 c1 20Twilight Starr
Great poem.

~Twilight Starr~
1/10/2008 c1 14pinkxbullets
This is really, really good. I can definitely relate to it. awesome job ^^


also, thank you for the review
1/10/2008 c1 4Duck Faery
Wow. You're a really great poet. You have beautiful vivid imagery, nice rhthym that doesn't destract or annoy, rhymes that add so much. . . wow.


Duck Faery
1/4/2008 c1 76Kaia Zeffirelli
You are an amazing writer! This is awesome, maybe my favorite so far!
1/2/2008 c1 31Lurid Black
Hey Devil above, i'd reply but you're on anonymous.

In a way it is based on some real life events, and it's sad that we can relate. Thanks for reading.
1/2/2008 c1 70EyesEmphatic
Wow. This is amazing writing. Great job.
1/2/2008 c1 Devil'sSnare890
Wow this is sad. I can really relate. This based on real life events or what?

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