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1/7/2008 c2 9biggerthanthis
Really good. Update soon please! :)
1/7/2008 c2 LondonLi
Thanks so much for the quick update. How long are you planning on this story being? I'm still totally hooked on it and looking forward to the next chapter!
1/7/2008 c1 Trishcbury
i like it so far.

but the main character is kind of annoying in that her life seems a bit perfect.
1/7/2008 c2 Secret Heart01
Does she not know that he likes her ? Is that - possible? Another good chapter ... but soon, some more dialogues with Cross, please!
1/7/2008 c1 bubi
yay! you're back! :))
1/6/2008 c1 1Haylieboo
Yay! This excites me :]
1/6/2008 c1 9Lily Llynn
This sounds very, very fun. :] I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It was funny at some parts, but mostly pretty quirky. Overall, I just liked it. A lot. :] Can't wait for more!
1/6/2008 c1 3Jeex
love love love it... that must get annoying with people not critiquing your writing just praising it but i can't help it

are you myrika and lord iron balls like besties in real life or how are you such close friends through internet?
1/6/2008 c1 Roman Candles
Great story so far. I really like Jordan and Peyton, but Marcus also seems to be awesome. Please update soon.
1/6/2008 c1 Secret Heart01
aw you're back with a new story! love this intro ... but i can't believe you let him give her some coded message without her showing the least bit of desire/curiosity to uncode it! anyway happy new year, and here's to lots more new chapters and ideas :P :P
1/6/2008 c1 2ohheyitscindyk
i'm really pleased with this first chapter. but then again, you always did have a knack for opening stories.

thank myrika & lord iron-balls for me.

i liked how you just jumped in without any hesitation. it hooked me right away. i like this kind of format better than first building a story, then getting into it.

the part about jordan dressed in a coconut bra & grass skirt just made me laugh. very cute.

i'm impressed with the way you implied the tension & chemistry between them. there wasn't really a need to state it. when you read it, you could feel it.

i like how peyton & jordan have a kind of history. jordan seems to have noticed her even back then, hence the whole "fan club" conversation.

marcus also seems to be a major-minor character in this. i'm interested to see where he fits in the story.

i'm excited to read another chapter, so update soon, please! thanks!
1/6/2008 c1 LondonLi
Very cute opening; I'm totally intrigued! Thanks so much for posting, I hope you have another chapter for us from any of your stories soon!
1/6/2008 c1 2contraband fairy
This is great! And I have to say that you being busy really sucks for the rest of the reading world, since you haven't posted anything for a while... but I totally understand. Plus one can hardly hold it against you when you create a Jordon to make us laugh!

I really loved Jordon and Peyton's interactions they were awesome, and the whole coconut bra, guy cheerleader thing was a nice touch... it provided a wealth of hilarious images for my overactive imagination! Great job as usual, update soon!
1/6/2008 c1 snow blossoms
My parents have been kinda blehh and fighting lots and I've been fervently looking for some young-adult-ish fiction that can confirm my hope that love can exist in some plane of reality, even if that plane of reality is a made-up story. Thank you tons. Anyway, in keeping up with your fantastic mind, this story looks really promising and interesting. Thank you also for updating despite being supersuper busy. I can't wait for the update. (: Have a lovely new year.
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