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6/11/2008 c13 12Amorelle
so...cute...*dies from the cuteness*

absolutely loved it ^0^

*squishes you*
6/7/2008 c13 5vocecara
:) Quite different; I've never actually read any stories involving crypto before so it was an interesting read. I thought her trusting him came a bit..early though.

Great job:D

(I actually went to google codes haha)
6/2/2008 c13 2Hecate's Diamon
Aw! Such a good story! Short, but so sweet. Really well done too! Most people wouldn't chance this kind of relationship cause they would screw it up, but you did amazingly! Favourite!
5/14/2008 c13 dominos
I loved the story, it was so sweet and cute!

Can't wait for the updates of your other stories!
5/14/2008 c13 2cbprice25
I love it! That was fantastic! I'm even surprised that the chapters got so short near the end; the story probably had legs to go on a little bit longer.

Great characterization. You made the scenes so alive that I've been squirming in my seat with excitement.
5/3/2008 c13 4britty-tt
Haha yeh it was sappy, but it was also really cute and sweet! Which is the best way I can describe this story.

It didn't have the complicativeness of most of the other stories. It was simple, short and sweet. Its a nice change.

A simple love story with little drama is good to read once and while.

Great job on this

4/22/2008 c13 3SimplySweetnSour
totally sappy but that's okay. what's the difference between a suit and a tux?
4/21/2008 c13 1stillgold
Oh, wow! I'm a little amazed that Jordan was capable of all this sappyness, but hey.

It was extraordinarily cute (sometimes puke-inducing, but only because I'm single, dammit, and resentful!) and very nice.

As always, your writing is excellent. Maybe the ending was a bit too perfect, but still. Very nice. :)
4/21/2008 c13 norma
sappy was just was the doctor ordered! wow.i'm so glad to see the epilogue. and the reunion was a great idea.

what i wanna know is when you're going ot update your other story.. forgot the name.. the magical redo one. i've been checkin that for a while now. please don't forget about it. and if you do ujust post your older version up again so we can see waht happened!
4/20/2008 c13 5christinaxxyo
Aw that was cute. But you're right, it was a bit sappy lol. Nice job tho :)
4/20/2008 c1 christinaxxyo
I'm kinda confused at how old they are and what grade they're in and stuff. I thought they were in high school then college then freshman year in college then senior year in college and now I'm just lost. But besides that, your story is pretty funny and I really like how it's going so far so I can't wait to read on! :)
4/20/2008 c13 Kjersti aurora borealis
Everybody say "Aw!". :D

Cute ending to a great story. I loved it. :)
4/20/2008 c13 5caw122182
Great story. I loved it.
4/20/2008 c13 Operationiva
Ah...it's finally complete! I'm going to miss reviewing this story! I love your writing!

Your Fan,


P.S. My fav part was when the gossipers were talking about how Jordan got engaged to a "lucky girl"! hhahahahaha...
4/20/2008 c13 14Not Dead Fred
Sappy? Yes. But always a good way to end things...
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