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3/27/2008 c9 1Izzey
look, i said i'd review! very interesting
1/11/2008 c9 37Jackaroe
*sniffsniff* Rest in peace, Tolly! Very sad and sudden ending. This story was definitely worth my time. I hope you continue writing! I look forward to reading more of your works!

1/10/2008 c8 Jackaroe
*panics* Oh no, oh no, oh no! Tolly wounded? My face is awash with woe!

I have a bad feeling that this story will end on a dour note, but I won't make any further judgements.

I look forward to your next update! (Is it the last one of this story? I noticed that in your summary, you said two more chapters to go).
1/10/2008 c7 Jackaroe
Ooh, these shorter chapters are simply torturous! I want to keep reading and reading and reading! But, so as not to rush you in your incredible writing, I'm quite content with you updating daily, even if the chapters are a tad shorter.

And hmm... Captain Robin... I wonder what role he will play in this voyage.

I'm still completely baffled by how Tolly knows how to speak fifteen languages! *mind boggles*

Update soon! And by soon, I mean NOW!

Just kidding. But seriously, update soon. =)
1/10/2008 c6 Jackaroe
HOLY COW! Tolly can speak FIFTEEN different languages?

Well, he really is extraordinary, isn't he? But how did he learn all of those languages? *ponders*

I suppose the only way I'll find out is if I keep reading, which I definitely will do.

Off to read the next chapter!
1/9/2008 c2 Shining Star
I love your accents and dialogue. It's very realistic. I have only read chapter one, but I am already curious about Tolhurst, and I can't wait to see how he develops as a character.

You also do an amazing job switching perspective; you show Mills' thoughts and feelings, but at other points you follow the captain. Quite good.

The only thing that is not perfect is a few of your sentences. They drag on and feel a bit clumsy.

Back to what I like, you have great character descriptions, especially about the guy with the scar on his face, and the introduction of some of Tolhurst's past.

Must get reading!
1/8/2008 c5 Jackaroe
A-ha! So that's why ol' Tolly doesn't like liquor and why he didn't want to see the colonel. Hmm... interesting backstory, I must admit.

*eagerly waits for the next update*

Does this mean I get a free virtual cyber cookie? =P
1/8/2008 c4 Jackaroe
AH! This chapter was too short for comfort! I sat gaping at my computer screen wanting to read more and yet... MORE WASN'T THERE!

I vote against you splitting up your chapters. A fellow aspiring writer told me that length should not be a governing factor when it comes to writing your chapters as long as you get what you want said, said. And I like long chapters. Especially in a story like this.

And now you've added the prospect of coming across some pirates in this story. Ooh, things just keep getting better and better and BETTER!

Now you must update posthaste! Update, I say! Or I'll die. Seriously.
1/8/2008 c3 Jackaroe
I must be honest with you. Reading your story has seriously made my day. The humor, although subtle, has me guffawing. Your characters are splendid creations (especially Tolhurst), and everything is just put together so well. Which, in turn, has me question why no one else has reviewed your story. It's so good.

And you know what I'm going to say...

Off to read the next chapter!
1/8/2008 c2 Jackaroe
Oh, this just keeps getting better and better!

Hmm... MORE Tolhursts? And I believe I am just as baffled about Xavier Tolhurst as is the lovely crew of the HMS Sparrow.

I love how you've developed each character so wonderfully through their dialogue and actions. I love your writing style as well. Nothing extremely elaborate, but the diction is varied and well-suited for the time period. Ahh, it's like I have no quibbles with your story at all! In fact, I have nothing constructive to say about it, really.

Gah! I love this story. I'm off to eagerly read the next chapter!
1/8/2008 c1 Jackaroe
Oh my gosh...


Tolhurst has certainly presented himself to be a very intriguing character. I look very forward to reading more about his adventures.

And I am amazed at the phenomenal amount of detail you have concerning the structure of British men-of-war, from the cabins, to decorum, to the occupations. You have it dead on. You've done your research. :)

I'm off to read the next chapter! Praise for a great start!

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