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for No Morning Person

1/8/2008 c1 322Basara
haha! lol...

1/8/2008 c1 216ygg
Haha I can so much understand your frustration :-) I'm one of those people who keep a dream journal, so every morning it's a race against the clock to write down whatever I can remember.. the beeping alarm usually erases half of the memories in a few seconds. So annoying! Good work.
1/7/2008 c1 879Moondog Dozier
True and relatable. Very representative haiku.
1/7/2008 c1 21WarlordJEREK
This is really funny and true. At least to me. Good work, I haven't read any funny poems in a while and I definetley didn't expect to find one out of a Haiku. Good work again.

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