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for Her Silence

3/25/2008 c1 879Moondog Dozier
Very visual and specific. Excellent haiku. MD:77.
1/19/2008 c1 43lookin4nemo
OH MY GOSH!this is wicked cool! I love the description and it just sent shiver and exlihiration(not sure if that is spelled right...=/) it ...wow this...just keep writing Ilove it!
1/13/2008 c1 81thursdays and rain
wonderful and marvellous poem.. thanks for the reviews, by the way ;)
1/12/2008 c1 219Matthew James Current
Greetings and thank you for the kind words. I prefer to respond with reviews instead of using the review reply feature. And I am in an especially positive and artistic mood tonight so let's see how many of your poems I get through :)

Now I'll do my best to offer you positive, insightful, and constructive observations on your work. That's just how I review. I gave up on popularity contests long ago, and go for quality over quantity.

I like this poem because it captures an image very clearly. To me it was the image of a raven peering over the edge of a tombstone. Very nice work. Haiku's are difficult to work with, but can lend surprising clarity of meaning when done right.
1/12/2008 c1 7EddisThief
A ghost, right? She seems to be the whisper of a myth, someone who's lost her love. amazing.
1/12/2008 c1 612simpleplan13
a really interesting concept and well written.. great jov
1/11/2008 c1 495mate.feed.kill.repeat
Very interesting. I, myself, am not much for haiku generally because they seem almost too vague or end too quickly, but yours was very straightforward and definitely had some meaning in it that can be interpreted by each reader in a different way.

Very cool.

From reading your profile, I have learned that you are exactly five months older than me. =]

1/11/2008 c1 16right2reality
I thought that this was good, particularly the last line 'that wrought her own end'... cool. Though I'll admit that I think I'm not comprehending the fundamental thought driving this haiku... I enjoyed it anyway! Keep up the good work!

1/11/2008 c1 Julius Gillian
Unexpected, I had to read it twice to gather its full meaning. But I really enjoyed it, it scared me because as this person seemed to fall she took with her all her emotions bottled up inside her with her, so maybe that's why I overlooked it the first time I read it. Because it just went so fast and time was so fleeting. The motions are a blur to me.

This is great.
1/10/2008 c1 32Dreaming Chica
Wow! That last line was Fantastic! Good job, it all fit together nicely!

♥ Dreaming Chica ♥
1/10/2008 c1 4Error-in G
Oh, goodness, I haven't written or read a haiku in ages.

Anyway, this is good, proper amount of syllables without omitting any in the middle of the words, adding any, etc. Good job.
1/10/2008 c1 Isca
That actually WAS one of the best haiku's I've ever read.

Keep developing your talent!
1/10/2008 c1 76Kaia Zeffirelli
OMG! I LOVE IT! AMAZING, AS ALWAYS! definitely your best haiku. ;) keep writing! i'd love 2 see more haikus =)
1/10/2008 c1 81Princess-anna57
Hm... it's not the best haiku I've read, but I like it anyway. It's not just about putting words together with the right syllables, it has to have the power to make the haiku work. Right now, it just seems a bit of bland to me, but cool anyway. Keep writing and working on it!

~Anna~ ^_^

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