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for The God of Shadows

4/23/2008 c6 627Jave Harron
Any chance of seeing an update? Given it's been a month, I hope we get to see where Adrian and Fred's quest leads them!
2/12/2008 c4 Jave Harron
Nice descriptive text, though a question. For Fred's mother cooking eggs, would not a stove be an anachronism, or at least a luxury for the wealthy in this era?
1/28/2008 c3 6murphcas
I finally read it and I really liked it. As I've said time and time again you will be a great writer. There are some grammatical errors, which I'm sure you would catch if you re-read through the chapters again.
1/26/2008 c3 And etc
Chapter 2-much better than 1. bloke. Remind me to bring it up
1/24/2008 c2 3Beast King
Ampemia is a awesome name for such a well-described place. This is a good chapter.
1/22/2008 c2 2All The King's Fools
Quite the interesting set up you've created. I enjoyed the dual purpose of the introduction, not only revealing a great deal of information about Ampemia, but also setting the stage for some sort of fantasy/modern clashes, unless this is merely a sum of what the Doctor saw. Most intriguing is this year of the Gantlet. I'm very excited to follow Adrian through the Gates and see what life is like beyond. Cannot wait for an update. Added to my favorite stories.
1/20/2008 c2 627Jave Harron
The setup for this is exponentially better than the first edition. Noticed one grammatical thing: "Andrian held the broom loosely," should be Adrian, then?
1/19/2008 c1 3Beast King
Wonderful. I like the beginning.

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