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for It All Started With A Crash

3/21/2008 c2 1claireponcherrii
wow, great story
3/18/2008 c24 Lillian LaRue
Have Carter be murdered or something. He is a bad person.
3/18/2008 c24 Junie-Jun
wow.i thought carter was going to be a great father.great job!
3/18/2008 c24 1INUGIRL
can't wait for the next chapter! you mentioned needing ideas, maybe you should have Gavin and gracie get drunk and end up sleeping together, it would definitely make things interesting lol
3/17/2008 c24 Hazelnut Romance
*sigh* i think that isn't gavin being a bit to selfish? anyways, update soon ;]
3/17/2008 c24 4Hwangish Sally
Hey, I've been reading this story so far and I have to say something. I hope you don't take it personally and think of it as constructive criticisim. I have to say that you guys need to check over your grammar and clean up your writing. It makes it a lot better and clearer. Sorry, but it gets really annoying when you're reading and then you have to go back to the beginning of a sentence because there is a typo or grammar mistake. In my opinion, I think you guys are being too harsh on Gracie's parents. Now, I'm not saying to completely obey they're suggestion of giving Mia up for adoption, but she should at least awknowledge that they were there for her during her childhood. Maybe if she acted mature and communicated with them rather than just be pigheaded and completely disregard them as thinking of only themselves, then in time they might come to appreciate Mia and see how wonderful she is. And I think it's pretty sad that after all the hard work Carter did for both Mia and Gracie, he is just dissed. If Gracie didn't want to be Carter's girlfriend then she could have at least let him live with Mia. And what the heck was up with Gavin? Why would he like her all of a sudden if he had the chance to like her years before she got pregnant and before Gracie even liked Carter. Anyways, aside from the grammar thing, the rest was just my opinion. Keep writing!
3/17/2008 c24 1tanya2byour21
This was a great chapter. I know they might not get back together but I think they need some family counsiling. That might be twist you would add or she could find out she is pregnant again also. lol. I love this story and I know writer block suck but don't give up on your story you are doing and amazing job and if you get an idea and want to bounce it off of someone I am always willing to listen and to try and help. Please post more when you can.

3/17/2008 c24 DOMOxKUN
Wow. I seriously wasn't expecting Gavin to like her O_O.

I hope your writer's block is.. uhh... well... I hope it disappears soon. :D
3/17/2008 c24 3dontneedyou
Okay, so I like this chapter. But this is really bothering me and I cant take it any more. It's not "tang top", it's tank top, okay? So, please start writing tank top.

And stop switching from past tense, to present and stuff like that.

Overall, good story plot.
3/17/2008 c24 SammiSammiLynn

When I read how Gavin was saying she shouldnt be with him that he walked all over her I was like your the one walking all over her and I thought it was a mistake that she broke up with him and then when I read what he did to Mia I was like wow if he could do that now then he could do t anytime. I am still kinda routing for Carter to come back an get back together with her but now Gavin is in the running.
3/17/2008 c24 4Yuura
Wow...interesting...Carter is being such an idiot now and I'd so want her to be with Gavin. I do hope she makes the right decision...
3/17/2008 c24 Sydney
oh my god


so unexpected

but she jsut kinda just lsitened to gavin and staright away said she'll break up with him

that shows she wasnt even thinking

what if carter doesnt try to get custody of mia or just wants joint custody - he can probably get the latter option
3/17/2008 c24 geminibaby6789
Wow. So I guess Gracie and Carter REALLY aren't together anymore. Hm...I wonder what the rest of the plot is going to be like, since Gracie really doesn't care about him anymore. I can see your problem. I don't really know what to advise you cause there's only one road to go and that's to court. Hope you figure it out! Thanks for the chapter! Update soon!
3/17/2008 c24 1nocturnalowl
I really like your story but this chapter just pissed me off. I'm anxious to read more don't get me wrong, but i hate what you're doing to Carter and her. I really liked them together, it makes me sad.

But, I can't wait to see where this goes.

And, by the way, you have a few mispelled words and such in here, keep a look out for those.

I don't mean to sound bitchy if I come off that way! :D
3/16/2008 c23 1screamyourheartout
okay so i haven't reviewed in like forever, and i apologize for that! so, let me say this is really good so far! I just hate CARTER with a passion. Why the hell would he do that to Gracie? I mean I thought he cared for her the way she did for him. I guess he isn't an Aiden[: lol, speaking of him. I can't believe he proposed at Christmas, so adorable! Will they have their marriage in the story? OMG, michelle may be pregnant, that's so great! I feel bad for Aiden since he has those pre dad jitters just like Carter had. I hope I see Aiden and Michelle in the next chappie[: they are so adorable together, I can't take it! lol, that's like my favourite couple in the whole story even though its not based on them. lol, well update soon, i've been waiting forever so have my friends!

hugs and kisses, taryn
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