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for It All Started With A Crash

2/10/2008 c15 2Lady of Confusion
OK...*pauses*...*stares off into the future*...*imagining a little carter/gracie* scary...*shivers*...learning poker...even WORSE!...LOL...UPDATE SOON!
2/10/2008 c15 4Yuura
Wow, an interesting and an awesome chapter plus story line. I'll be looking forward to your next chapter then. :)
2/10/2008 c14 13Turtle Ama
this is really cute so far.

a few typo's but nothing too big

i am very interested to see where this goes, and how it ends.

keep up the work

2/9/2008 c14 2Lady of Confusion
aw! so cute! UPDATE SOON!
2/9/2008 c14 2righthere431
aww carter is so sweet
2/9/2008 c13 righthere431
lol wow carter's parents are so way nicer than gracie's lol and aw they like it each other
2/9/2008 c12 righthere431
her parents are very harsh
2/9/2008 c14 1screamyourheartout
i just read the fourteen chapters, and i got to say well done! this is so realistic.. i love it.

carter at the beginning pissed me off, with his little attitude. However, throughout the rest, he began growing on me.. he's such a great guy. i'm so content that gracie and him are finally getting together[:

now, aiden is an asshole. how could he not notice his girlfriend is choking! that pissed me off so much! i was like reading this, and when i got to that part, and saw how he was, i was like damn, what kind of boy is that? good job, for michelle to yell at him, i would done the same exact thing. but, aiden seems like an adorable boyfriend to have.. this couple michelle/aiden interests me, that's part of the reason i continued to read this fiction. the two are so cute together, and when they have their little moments, its so cute.

i can't wait to see what's going to happen between michelle and aiden.. i hope you put in a little scene about them arguing or something.. that'd be great..i know alot of people on fictionpress that read this, that's how i got this story, and they say aiden/michelle are so cute, along with carter/gracie, those two are the cutest couple... i can't wait to find out the sex of their baby..

oh, and i don't know if you like taking some ideas into thought, maybe you could have michelle break up with aiden because of how idiotic he's acting.. and have aiden be moping around because of it, along with michelle.. then maybe carter and gracie could get them back together or something.. OR, you can have a scene where aiden gives her something so cute, like a promise ring or something..that'd be so romantic..

i hope my suggestions will help you, that's why i took time writing them[: so please continue to update fast, and with this fabulous work, i'm purely enjoying it. sincelery, ayeexxbby
2/9/2008 c13 windybidindy
o n pls update soon! -lilazndork ;P
2/9/2008 c14 windybidindy
yay i love this chapter espicialy how they confessed a few things lol... -lilazndork ;P
2/9/2008 c14 4Yuura
Hm...very interesting. I'll be looking forward to your next chapter then. :)
2/9/2008 c14 Junie-Jun
aww! this chapter was kute! of course the giants won that game!
2/8/2008 c14 1tanya2byour21
Great chapter and I love it.. I am glad she has her brother, Michell, Gavin and Cartet please post more when you can.

2/8/2008 c14 6lexaxo
this is michelle[:

great chapter, so adorable. carter has such a way with words, that are so cute. can't wait for the next chappie..

poor michelle, choking on a chip, aiden's an ass[: woo, i just mad an alliteration! hah.
2/8/2008 c14 simplycarol

this was really cute.

perhaps reread it.

some spelling errors.



update soon
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