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for It All Started With A Crash

2/1/2008 c10 Junie-Jun
aww. does she get with gavin?they seem like a cute couple
2/1/2008 c10 FireFallon
I knew it! :)
1/31/2008 c10 4Nicole Deming
Aw I hope that he sticks with her through all of it. I also hope they become a 'couple' and not just because of the baby. Keep going its great
1/31/2008 c10 twinklegoesthesea
ah this is soo interesting i cant wait for more
1/31/2008 c9 2righthere431
shot shes probably pregnant
1/31/2008 c8 righthere431
lol omg she might be freaking pregnant! aiden is so gonna kill carter haha
1/31/2008 c7 righthere431
... i hope Gavin is gonna be ok =/
1/31/2008 c9 4Yuura
Ouch that hurts...dang that was really scary just from knowing now they might have a child. Ek...okay well I'll be looking forward to your next chapter. :)
1/30/2008 c9 2Mostly I just read
And the plot thickens! I am really loving this story! Can't where you take things from here!
1/30/2008 c9 8duckliy543

please dont let her be pregnant


just let her go to colletge

please please please!
1/30/2008 c9 4Nicole Deming
omgoodness thats just crazy.. I am too scared to go to a fortune teller. Maybe its a good thing that her brother knows now because if she is then hes gonna have to get used to it sometime.
1/30/2008 c9 2Lady of Confusion
dude guys pms more than chicks...UPDATE SOON!
1/30/2008 c9 Junie-Jun
omg! this is so good! yo uhave to continue it!
1/30/2008 c6 Junie-Jun
I love the New York Giants and we are so going to win the super bowl! I love this tory more now! Graet Job!
1/29/2008 c9 1tanya2byour21
Carter better run and hide. LOL, I love it and so can't wait for the next chapter. Please please please post more when you can.

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