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for It All Started With A Crash

1/29/2008 c9 FireFallon
You just had to leave it there didn't you? *sigh* update soon
1/28/2008 c8 4Nicole Deming
Holy geez that was alot to digest in two chapters. The crash was sad and the 'unprotected sex' was and I quote "WOW." Very good though I cant wait for you to update.
1/28/2008 c6 2righthere431
aw carter saved gracie! you go boi! and its true... most gay guys are hot lol =]
1/28/2008 c8 4Yuura
Wow...really amazed in what had happened. Anyways just love this chapter including all of your others. I'll be looking forward to your next one. :)
1/28/2008 c8 1tanya2byour21
This is a fantastic story and Cater better run and hide if she is pregnant. I am so glad I don't have a big brother. LOL. Again fantastic story and I can't wait to find out that is going to happen next. Please please please post more when you can.

1/27/2008 c8 8duckliy543
oh god

please dont let her be preggie.

god pleasee! lovoed it.
1/27/2008 c8 2Simple Thoughts
just one small complaint. Even if they are teenagers, they still have heard of the morning after pill. Pretty much any teen has unless their like homeschooled, so you might want to put that in if your going for a more realistic route.
1/27/2008 c7 FireFallon
Oh geez...alcohol + hormonal teenagers never mix
1/27/2008 c6 JZK
You've got some spelling mistakes

like the ones that are supposed to be their you put there instead

and then are other few little mistakes
1/27/2008 c7 JZK
this story sound really good

i cant wait for more

i even put my coursework on hold to read this
1/27/2008 c7 4Yuura
It's not a bad chapter...in fact I really enjoyed it. I got so shocked when Carter's brother, Gavin, was in the hospital. I'm amazed he made it out okay though, which was a great relief for me. :) Anyways awesome story you've got going and writing. I'll be looking forward to your next chapter. :)
1/27/2008 c7 twinklegoesthesea
this is a really good story

i think that they will get drunk and do something
1/26/2008 c1 Peach8321
I would suggest getting a beta for this story, or going back and doing some major clean up. Some examples below to help you:

"As I was running my stupid broth" brother, not broth... and put a comma between running and my

"Let’s pause for a second. Let me introduce myself, the names Gracie Sinclair and the brother that I’m ready to kill is Aiden. Were the twins and only children in my family. "

would read better as:

"At this point, I'll pause the action and introduce myself. My name is Grace (but call me Gracie) Sinclair and the brother I'm attempting to kill is Aiden, my twin and only sibling."

another part:

“Whoa, Gracie how come you dress like this for us in school?”

should be "how come you don't dress like..."

"But I would never date them. one because I spent so much time with them growing up that I could actually distinguish who farted by the smell of it. Yes I know bad but true."

Change to:

"Although popular, I never dated any of them since I spent so much time in their presence and knew way too much about them, including how to distinguish the boys by the smell of their fart" (although that's kind of low-brow to put into a story..)

Also, "one" should be "One" since it starts the sentence.

Lots of commas missing, tenses mixed up, etc. I think you have an interesting plot but right now the story is nearly unreadable and should be fixed.

good luck
1/26/2008 c6 PerfectChaos859
Great chapter I am glad Carter showed up but it does seem like they hate each other so much.
1/26/2008 c6 Yuura
Not a bad chapter...I'll be looking forward to your next one and I'm really glad Carter was there to help her. :) I'd give him brownie points for that...lol.
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