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for It All Started With A Crash

1/20/2008 c4 4Nicole Deming
Please please please dont stop this story its going really good and you just started it. I think you should keep going.
1/20/2008 c4 michelle
hha, great chapter. loved it,
1/20/2008 c4 PerfectChaos859
i loved this chapter very funny made me giggle!

thereare just a couple spelling errors and what not that were overlooked other than that great story!

1/16/2008 c3 4Yuura
It's not bad and I'm really looking forward to your next chapter, so keep writing more. :)
1/16/2008 c3 4starzdestiny
interesting, but maybe you should change the format...its easier to read that way, but overall, an interesting start!
1/16/2008 c1 Lochi
haha, funny nice story. I like the beginning.
1/15/2008 c3 4Nicole Deming
Man hes rude. She was being all nice to him and then hes gotta act like that. I think it was just to show her brother that hes not too into her. Hmm am i right?
1/15/2008 c3 JadeDream
ew carters being mean haha...update soon i want to see what happens!
1/13/2008 c1 realangel99
Good job.
1/13/2008 c2 PerfectChaos859
i have a feeling i am going to love this story

cant wait for the next chapter!

1/13/2008 c2 michelle
haha, carter sounds hot. i absoloutly adored the chapter!

update soon.
1/13/2008 c1 PerfectChaos859
love this story!

the ending was just priceless!
1/13/2008 c2 JadeDream
awesome an update today! wasnt there another friend of her brothers besides the two playing video games tho? anyway update soon!
1/13/2008 c1 8duckliy543

this was good great job!
1/13/2008 c1 JadeDream
this sounds good so far. i like aiden! well update soon i cant wait to see what happens!
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