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for It All Started With A Crash

7/23/2008 c30 1Shewriteslove
7/23/2008 c30 2artistic dreamer
wow, i just finished the entire story today and i thoroughly enjoyed it, there was enough drama to keep it going, but was still light and easy to read, and i loved how you ended it just like how you started, you should definitely write a story about mia, that would be totally awesome! or maybe a side story about Aiden and Michelle, i personally love this couple more than Carter and Gracie they're just so so cute together! keep writing! i enjoy reading your stories!
7/19/2008 c30 2drama addicted
OMG i really think that you ended the story in a great way, and i love the fact that it ended in the way the story kind of began...

are you doing another one with maybe mia's story or something?

really good, i love some of your other books too.

lol, i probs sound a tad stalkerish, but i like your books, so whateves trevs.


7/12/2008 c30 XO-Escape-With-The-Music-XO
haha, nice way to end the story. :D loved it.
7/9/2008 c30 1The bunny always dies first
...She stayed with Carter? ...I read all that, delt with all those spelling mistakes, and she still stayed with Carter? After all he did? And what about Jimmy? I liked Jimmy, why did you make Jimmy go away? Why? I hate you! I hate you!

...BYE! *waiving sand grinning, waiving and grinning.*
6/21/2008 c1 37IiotComputerLetMeOn
Sounds good so far!
6/13/2008 c30 2Among-the-Vampires
OMG! i loved your story. it made me happy. and sad at some parts. i loved the ending to the story tho. it was so cute. i would say make another story, about mia, but i think it would kinda turn out like Gracies did. but i loved the story. =D it was amazing. keep up the good writing!
6/8/2008 c4 a
Hey, just so you know, I was really getting into the story, but all your spelling errors started to bother me. I hope you learn to work on that; it's very distracting.
6/6/2008 c30 3youjerkmuffin

I love the ending, it's great.

I'm really glad you decided to wrap up the story on a good note.

May I request a sequel?

6/5/2008 c11 kurskis
Wow. I'm confused. Really confused. Why would Emma do something like that? I don't understand a bit. One secound she is that and the other she is somethin else... But I did like it when Carter protected Grace!
6/3/2008 c30 2Cereza M. xx
Loved the ending. The idea of it happening all over again is too brilliant.

Maybe you could write a sequal following a similar storyline with Mia as the main character; write about her experience with the jerk who rammed her car. Haha.

But it'd have to have different twists. Maybe she shouldn't fall pregnant lol.

It took me probably a good few hours all up to read all these chapters. I enjoyed this story. A few random, pointless bits, like Jimmy... what was his point? I liked him, except for his name. Jimmy is so lame. Should've been James or something. And Gavin's confession... what came from that?

You know what, though? I think I would've been inclined to have Gracie end up with Gavin. I liked them as a pairing right from the start. I did like her with Carter, though, but he became a negative character after all the dark light you shed on him.

I think that's the only thing I didn't like about it; how Carter became a brutal character. I preferred him as arrogant with a soft side, rather than charming with a dark side. Especially after you worked up his character to be a positive one in the reader's eyes. But, nevermind. Perhaps to emphasise his being a 'good' character at the end, you could've had more of a 'oh, yes, I love you too, I miss you too, I need you back!' moment with Gracie. It all happened very quickly.

All up, WELL done with this! I got into it right from the start. Enjoyed it very much, loved all the characters. Please consider writing a sequal, if you haven't already, and I shall go see right now what other works you have going on in the factory of your imagination.

Thanks for a good read and a nice romance.

Love, love,


5/25/2008 c30 Shannon
This is really good, you should make a sequil or something.
5/25/2008 c30 1feisty sonnet
GOod thing you decided to let them get back together! I would have hated you, ripped you apart, and thrown your remains over the cliff if you didn't! Hahaha!

Seriously, though. I really loved your story...it has all the things I look for in a book. Romance and drama! Woohoo!


But i wish you could have shown a little scene where Chloe was going to deliver the baby. That would have been something funny...It would have been somewhat a cliche, but the fact is, your story is already genuine in its entirety, so it would have been all right to do something like that...

One thing, as well...the whole thing about the family throwing a pregnant teenager out of there house really bothered me. maybe it's because I'm from a different country - I'm from the Philippines, by the way - and things are different here. Wait, where are you from by the way? Oh, anyway. I just said that maybe because I have a cousin who had her first baby at sixteen, yet, after all the initial shock that the entire family had to go through, everything was all right. And they had been there all the way. So yeah, it's just with me.

And I really didn't find out whether the baby was Carter's. If you had written it down, I wouldn't have seen it anyway, cause I really was sort of mad when you made them separate, so i skipped a few chapters *blush blushj* until I saw Carter's name come up.

Anyhow, I also applaud you for creating such a riveting chapter...i couldn't remember what number...oh yeah, Confessions. That scene where Carter and Chloe were talking really ripped my heart. I really adore stories with that kind of moment. It's almost near to impossible to find stories like that here in this site.

I really am picky about the stories that I read. And I'm glad I came upon this one. I seldom give comments. But when I give them, i really give them, don't you think so, too? Hehe...

Congratulations on this one. I hope you come up with more...I will definitely watch out for more your stories.
5/23/2008 c30 2righthere431
lol deja vu...awesome!
5/23/2008 c29 righthere431
ughh whats gonna happen?
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