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for It All Started With A Crash

5/21/2008 c30 JZK
I loved the ending

its so awesome

n im so happy she ended up with carter after all
5/21/2008 c30 1Kiri Hanna
I think i read somewhere in the past chapters that Carter had a kid with some girl? What happened to that kid and the girl?
5/21/2008 c30 2i love life
oh tht was cute.nice
5/21/2008 c30 4Yuura
Haha...okay not a bad ending. Hm...my opinion is that you do a sequel...well not really a sequel but write another story based on Mia's life. I think it'll be interesting since you ended it with the beginning start but in Mia's story only. You'd do good doing that. Well, I look forward to your next story you'll be putting up whenever that'll be. (:
5/18/2008 c29 AMM3485
Poor Jimmy, I still think Carter is a dick and her brother is going to be mighty pissed when she takes Carter back again.
5/18/2008 c29 WriterGurl123
I'm not sure if she should take him back that easily but at the same time, she loves him and that's her baby's daddy.
5/18/2008 c29 Yuura
Aw...did you really have to not let them be together at all? Her and Jimmy would've been a great couple. Oh well...let's see how this goes then. Update soon. (:
5/18/2008 c29 1Skyfeather2
This is a really good story =D

I love certain aspects like Mia's character and the relationship between Aiden and Gracie and Aiden and Michelle- they seem very realistic. I don't think Carter and Gracie should ever be toegther again though- I don't like that pairing at all mostly because I don't like Carter and never have. Espceially after he hurt Mia- he should have gone to jail for that, or never been allowed to see her again. A agree with what Gracie said to Gavin and that they shouldn't be together but it would be nice to see her with someone- being alone just doesn't seem fair after all she's been through. I liked Jimmy =(

Some grammer things to point out- you tend to say minuet instead of minute a lot. once or twice would be okay but almost every time I see that word its wrong, watch for that. also you say tang top instead of tank top an awful lot- watch for that too. And there is a great difference between accept and except which you mix up often. I don't think you've ever used the word accept- always using except and it's sort of annoying. Also you leave off the 'r's on 'your' saying 'you' instead and it sounds so wrong. ex. 'get you bag.' when it should be 'get your bag.' again this would be okay once or twice it's just a little mistake but it shows up a lot and gets really annoying.

you probably won't change it now and I'm not sure if it should be changed, but the transition earlier between Carter and Gracie going from 'I hate you's to 'I love you's seemed rushed. There didn't seem to be much like in between they just jumped ahead because of the baby and you would think that after all that has happened love rushed like that would fade, but Gracie has obviously stated it has not.

Lastly, in chapter 28 you had Jimmy say that Marco would be going to visit his family with them all but later in the chapter and in chapter 29 he was never mentioned and did not go. That's probably just simply forgetting your previous lines but it should be fixed.

Overall it's a really good story and sorry for the long nitpicky review but I believe in constructive criticism, which is all this is, not a rant on grammer ;-)

Can't wait for the next/last chapter!
5/18/2008 c29 SJ

a possibility that they might get togteher again yey

lol - it was funny with micelle, aiden n gracie

pooraiden always getting ganged up by them both - yet funny
5/18/2008 c29 michelle
love it, update it soon
5/18/2008 c29 michelle
good chapter, its been like forever since you've updated. haha,

carter is back, so fast. haha.
5/18/2008 c29 superfreakxo
wow.(not a good thing)
5/17/2008 c29 1tanya2byour21
I really thought her and Gavin was going to get together. But know I am not sure what you are going to do. I loved the new chapter. I am glad her and Jimmy broke up. Keep up the great writing and please post more when you can.

5/17/2008 c29 1Alexa'sAppleTree
yay a chapter! Thank you! =D! a great chapter too ^_^

Update soon!
5/17/2008 c29 Hazelnut Romance
oh no. is carter for real or is it just fake? coz if he hurts gracie again i'm so gonna kill him. thanks for the update!
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