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for It All Started With A Crash

5/13/2008 c1 1Maybreakmyheart
I really like the story so far ! keep up the good work! I really like your user picture :D Dane cook is hilarious
5/9/2008 c28 amy

ow wht hpnd to carter i lkd hm so much he did a total 180 turn.you shud bring hm baq turn ths othr guy all possesive n all n thn carter cums to save her n the othr kid shuldnt be his n he neva cheated on her the othr gal confesses n he was all mean n angry coz he wanted gracie 2 gt ovr hm quickly n not pine after hm n coz he cheated he felt he didn deserve her anymore.

but love the story so far
4/21/2008 c28 17Lady of romance world88
Hey...That's great and i glad that Grace is move on with her life and i glad that she started date with Jimmy..Poor Grace it must be hard for her because what Carter done to her. I glad Mia is happy with her mum and Michelle. Hurry update soon.
4/20/2008 c28 2Entice
they should have a boy!

that would be totally cute...
4/15/2008 c28 2righthere431
haha cute chapter
4/15/2008 c28 michelle
such a good chapter[: aiden needs some chivalry.. haha.

oh, and as I read the reviews below me, and there thou ghts on the child.

michelle definitly should have twins[: that way the boy is sexy, and the girl is alluring (like michelle:)

update soon[:
4/13/2008 c28 Lillian LaRue
Okay, I think Michelle should have twins, a boy and a girl. Or maybe even triplets...
4/13/2008 c24 7Ayla Gray
gavin is amazing and carter is an ass.

lets go with that kthanks:]

love this story tho
4/13/2008 c22 Ayla Gray
4/13/2008 c17 Ayla Gray
this is soo good so far. my gosh i love the gages all of them gavin reminds me of my friend richie lol. and carters just amazing. my gosh i hate her original family now! if i had a daughter and she got prego i would support her thru the whole thing but yeah im only 13 so thers nothing to worry about now lmao
4/13/2008 c28 1tanya2byour21
I love John Cena. Randy I have my moments when I love him and moments where I want to stangle him. Great chatper and keep up the great writing and please post more when you can.

4/12/2008 c28 AMM3485
This story rocks!
4/12/2008 c28 1Crazy colorz
I think the baby should be both! lol that would be nice right? good luck with the next chap!XD
4/12/2008 c28 WriterGurl123
New Reader! This story is great! I hated the fact that Carter had to be an ass and cheat on Gracie. I'm glad that she has Jimmy because he seems so cool. Question? Is Mia still three?

Post More Soon!
4/12/2008 c28 8The Wind Charmer
She should have twins, a girl and a by. That way the girl'll end up gorgeous, and the boy will be sexy.

yeah, and i hope she ends up with Jimmy. he seems nice. Althugh i like Gavin, marrying your daughter's uncle seems a bit off. Then your kids would be like sibling-cousins.

But I still like Gavin a lot. he's cool.

And I completely forgot the name of Mia's father. That's how unimportant he is.
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