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for Prophecy of Nature: Methysia

1/10/2010 c26 Chocorange888
This story was beautiful and I'm very glad that I've read. I would leave a longer review, but I'm desparate for bed. The captain's journal always cracked me up :) Thanks.
12/22/2009 c26 14eskimoxisses
Great job on this story :)

Alex was perhaps my favorite character. Spoke with a clear head but insistently truthful - how Meg's son should be. Jack, the previous butler of the Wolfe family..it's so hard to imagine him being...something other than an aging man in a tux!

You portrayed Captain Wrath pretty well, and I found the whole affair with Everett and Allan to be pretty disgusting. This is somewhat similar to Mizur and the other boy in Master's Revolt.

I swear, you should get your books published. However, I'm just a reader who loves quality stuff for free X)! Thanks so much for bringing this to fictionpress.

Anything you've written like: My Entity, Master's Revolt, and the Sun Series (what i've gotten to thus far) are amazingly written. Gotta give you props; you write well from a man's POV for being a woman.

There were moments, like when Jack was caught up in the aftermath of the storm - or actually in the middle of it - that I envisioned him seeing her and Meg seeing him.. The look of her face saying 'Take Me'; it kind of made me laugh, (although improper for the situation) because I've noticed your main characters who form a relationship in the beginning tentatively think on different wavelengths oftentimes. When they come together in this 'meeting of the minds' and are in sync for, you know..being in sync, I find the harmonization intriguing.

Imagine a misty craziness after a storm and wind thrashing hair about everywhere; Jack looking like a drowned yet dominating captain and Meg that harlequin gal with extensive curls framing her..voluptuous figure. It just made me laugh, because I found the scene to be cliche of what I'd imagine to see on those Fabio/Harlequin novels.

Jack's character is so similar to men in your Sun Series, and the rest of the Wolfe brothers - but seeing as he's their half brother anyways...They always seem to have something lacking, a dark hidden past, or have a inner weakness that has to be assuaged by a certain lady. What I adore in what I've read so far is the fact that the men, once they find their ladies, they STICK to her..like molding glue. There's no going behind the other's backs, except in situations where it only makes the relationship stronger (as in, revealing hidden secrets or tormented pasts).

Douglass was a surprisingly emotional character, and had a low self esteem. His relationship with Aylinn was a tumultuous up and down spiral of 'does she hate me' and with her going 'does he hate me'; aha, but your characters succumb to one another eventually. I haven't read anything from you yet that ends tragically involving main characters (in a relationship). When you wrote the steps of the winemaking process in Prophecy of Nature: Saphrone, I was always expectant of the beginning stuff from Aylinn's Journal on Winemaking. :)

Same goes for the entries from Captain Wraith - it was like a summary or prologue before the real contents. I looked forward to the dictionary definitions of Prophecy of Nature: Raldem; one straight from the dictionary, and another with how it relates to your story. Trixie and Devlin :B are so suited for each other that it's ridiculous. His devlish nature can only be appeased with Trixie's type of personality. Reminds me of the relationship between Emry and Emmi. Douglass's straying nature and reckless could find some similarities with Shaun's. Their women are of varying calibers, however.

As for Geybrial and Brendan, being both the eldest of their families always seem to fall short of their father's expectations. Somehow. Geybrial meets his father halfway, while Brendan comes to terms with the fact his father never loved him much, ever. Their women are feisty, and rightfully so, keeping up with their falsified facade of arrogance that comes with birthright. For no apparent reason, I was more interested in the demeanor/personality characteristics of the women instead of the men, when it came to your first book in Prophecy of Nature and Sun in the Mist series.

All it all, I'd give it a billion trillion gazillion GOOGLE out of infinity. Which equates to something of 9.99 of 10.

My favorite story is still Master's Revolt. Nothing tops Cora's awesomeness :D!

Keep writing fantastically,

hoping you're always inspired

10/1/2009 c1 Kay
"Except they weren’t dead. For nearly thirty years Jack believed the lie told to him on his third birthday by the old man and woman when they explained why he should not be calling them mama and papa."

This seems to be worded kind of funny. It seems like you're trying to cram too much information into one sentence.

(something that you seem to do a lot in your stories)

Children don't just call random people mama and papa, you have to teach your kids what to call you. They repeat what they hear. If they don't hear mama and papa, they won't say it. (I'm sure you know that, you have kids. But the way it was worded made it sound otherwise)

Also I was confused at how you were trying to say it was thirty years later. It was just very sudden, I suppose.

Just some things I noticed, thought you'd like to know.

Love your stories, they need some work but over all way better than anything I could write.

8/22/2009 c26 2alternatearcadia
Okay, so this was my favourite book in the series. It was a good ol' action/adventure ride, with tons of romance thrown in, and fantastic characters.

I loved the emotional turmoil of the main characters in the book. Jack Barnes was incredible, and the way you portrayed the feelings of loss, betrayal and being in limbo and having an identity crisis was just magnificent. Meg as well, from her feelings of inadequacy as a mother to her feelings about herself and the amethyst. It was just so incredibly poignant, and the way the two just fell in love... ah, perfect. The romance was just perfect in this one. Brynna is one of my favourite characters and we really got to know more about her in this one, which I really enjoyed. The other characters were also wonderfully fleshed out, from Alex to Dave.

Oh, and I loved how the elusive M.M was made known in this book. Like I said in my review of Book 6, I positively shiver in excitement at these plot tie-ins and revelations.
8/16/2009 c26 Aradia Cloud
Awesomeness to it's fullest.

Jennifer Leigh, you are my hero.
7/27/2009 c1 2Mistress.Insanity
Woo! I'm on the 4th book after only starting the series 4 days ago! I absolutely LOVE these stories and ever since Jack was introduced in the first novel, I was DYING for a story about him. I had fallen in love haha. xD

Just thought I'd drop you a review, and to tell you I am reading on and will read your other series too. =]
6/18/2009 c26 Summer Leah
6/18/2009 c8 Summer Leah
Yay! I'm so glad you didn't make us wait, cuz that was HOT!
4/26/2009 c26 Reenie
Jack and Alex are so lovable and cute. It was good to read about the true nature of Jack and his story. Bless him he deserved a happy ending. =D

Your stories are very addictive, it's hard to stop. Im off to start the laporia story.
1/27/2009 c26 1Angel-Leigh Jones

this book was great. the character were clear and came through strong but for some reason i found this book not as good as the others. It was good don't get me wrong just the others were better.

Can't wait to read the next one.

12/2/2008 c26 AndItMovesUsAll
Yet again, absolutely amazing, i really loved this one because Barnes was such an amazing character that deserved happiness and it was great seing him develop into something different. I'm liking the idea of doing it about Laporia, seeing as we don't know much about him yet and it will be cute to see Raya open him up.
10/9/2008 c26 Alicat1194
I have to agree with one of your other reviewers on Book 3, your characters are great, and just flawed enough to make them human :)

Thanks for another great read! Now on to Book 5! :)
7/21/2008 c26 2BleedingTwilight
Another Fantastic story! I'm running out of compliments for your work, so I'm just going to leave it at a beautifully imaginative and put together story.
6/16/2008 c17 13FM Radio
I'm stupid, so I forgot to say this when her drawing hobby was first mentioned, but Meg is the M.M. whose drawings Aillin bought! :) I'm guessing, but I'm pretty sure that I'm right. (I'm sorry, but I prbably spelled Aillin wrong...and the grammar sucks in this review, but i'm too lazy to fix it :) )
5/26/2008 c14 Tor
The end of this chapter is a little confusing. I'm not entirely sure why she is crying and her heart is broken. I assume it has something to do with the necklace. Is it supposed to be obvious why she is upset, or are we supposed to be confused and have to read further to find out? I guess whatever was intended for the end of this chapter a more in-depth explanation will be coming.

But nice work so far. :)
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