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2/29/2008 c14 32EpicPoets
bizarre. i love it
2/29/2008 c13 EpicPoets
its me, alix. I love this one. it is really beautiful. i think it is my favortie of yours so far
2/27/2008 c14 4Xenochron
These are really good! -_-
1/13/2008 c7 flies.like.decay
You really shouldn't fragment your sentences. It makes the poem seem choppy.
1/13/2008 c9 1Kevin Miles
When I read The Painting and Sentinel, I was amazed. I did not believe you were only twelve, sorry twelve and a half, years old. I am still in high school and most of my friends would be jealous of those two. Be proud of yourself, but never too proud. Know that your mind is your own and that in some ways it knows more than others, but don't make the same mistake many people with inks and papers like us make and think that means people know nothing.

Remember always, it is the young like us that change the world for the old humans before and after our time.

Keep your mind sharp, but your pen sharper.

~Leafeus Agamemnon.
1/13/2008 c2 4Xenochron
Good poems Nora. I especially liked the end of the last one.

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