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2/24/2008 c1 57empathic life
Funny and quirky and rather sardonic. You sound so bitter about all our country's issues... It's amusing. Anyway. I like the speech-y feel to the thing, and the way you presented issues in both an amusing and serious way... If that makes sense. Yes. Yours, e.l.
1/25/2008 c1 31Holly Rose E
So... one of my biggest pleasure is reading a very satirical, almost biting, take on politics. And -blisfully, sweetly - i chuckled all the way through.

"i do NOT start affairs with prostitues in bathrooms".

In short, a favorite.

I particularly like your line breaks, it rolls off my tongue so much easier, m.
1/21/2008 c1 92burning in effigy
the last two stanzas made me smile a little.. especially the last line

interesting perspective; it does seem that people are blowing many things out of proportion :-/
1/19/2008 c1 33WyrdWolf
That is glorious! So in withthe times and so true; politics never change, just the issues do. Well said, very well said. Perfect format and tone for this subject.

1/15/2008 c1 879Moondog Dozier
Satirical, and funny look at how things get so farflung when it comes to political rhetoric. Sadly, for the most part this could be true. Well written and humorous. Good work. MD:77.

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