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for braille

4/16/2012 c1 277electrical moon
Beautiful poem! I love how it's formed and the end is great.
8/20/2011 c1 26daniellegypt
What a delight to read. Very wonderful. I love the line "we couldn't synchronize if we tried."
2/20/2008 c1 3The Sleep Of Reason
Quite simply to put it in plain...


You keep me enthralled with your graceful writing


The Sleep Of Reason
2/7/2008 c1 she smolders
I quite like that last line, there's so much words left unsaid and hinted at.You have a brilliant way with words.
1/30/2008 c1 24caralita
i love this innocence and curiousity of this piece, yet there are subtle undertones of far more mature topics. it's beautifully done.
1/20/2008 c1 29diffident
This is fantastic... The two stanzas fit together well (but crookedly). The first stanza is so slow and romantic. I like the idea of playing with shapes like this.

1/20/2008 c1 871no.peace.los.angeles
I think it's safe to say that pretty much everything you write will be on my favorite stories list. There's just something about the way you string the words together, it's just perfect. I wish I wrote like this. This is beautiful. Keep writing! :)

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