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for ruins

1/31/2008 c1 332smile for the sunshine
this is so sad but yet so beautiful. i think the flirting with catastrophe was so creative. i love that line. although rather depressing it was lovely.
1/27/2008 c1 97Farran
The way this reads is disjointed, It dashes foward before stopind dead to contemplate a line, I love it, it really is how I at leat think. It alows a level of coneection that a carfuly rhymed and structured poem cannot offer. I would say one thing though, Let the words emphasise themselves, you don't need all that formating and caplocks. But thats just my opinion, I'd rather follow the peoms natural flow as I read it than have cirtain words dictated.
1/26/2008 c1 she smolders
Oh, I loved the almost subtle rhyme and the imagery your words create. I think I've fallen with this phrase now: "flirt with catastrophe". Take care.
1/24/2008 c1 21akaSummer
I like it!

Particularly "just cut out disaster" and "don't carve me out." You used those phrases really efficiently to tie the whole piece together. Very nice job indeed.

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