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8/28/2014 c32 6alliecat55
Omg loved it
6/25/2013 c32 1thespookyredsparkle
Dearst Fido,
i am crying my eyes out right now! the pure beauty and hate throughout your antire fictional-romance novel was just outstanding! trult a work of art only from a wonderful artist.
i must say though: i did not expect to fall in love with all the characters. i would find myself lying awake at night thinking about April or Lyza (When i would stop reading at 3 in the mornning to finally get some sleep). and i would gasp throughout every individual chapter commenting on Martin's personaltiy and idiotness. or thinking of hot self-centered and narsististic Madeleine can be at times (like my sister), but i love them all to death.
in the beginning of this story, i was able to see through the hate-frosting, right into the sweet cake of love: moist and pleasureable. just the way that hesits behind her in chapter one (causing her to give him answers to the test they were taking. WITCH she only would have done if she really had feelings for him.)
also in ther beginning, i found myself relating to Martin because of his home life. but at the time, none of us really knew the real Madeleine De-La-Tour. i for one do not know if i should be glad or proud that the only thing i do not have in commen with Madeleline is the color of her eyes (and i turned to something else n ot good other than drink).
as i said many times throughout my many reviews on this story, i would love to oneday see this on the shelves of bookstores one day. i want it down here in America too, i dont want you Canadians hoging all the glory of the best books! maybe one day as a movie as well, because for some reson i kind-of imagined Martin as Matt Dillon (when he was younger and had brighter hair)...but i dont know why. : /
i thank you greatly Fido, for making these past few days amazing for me. i actually towards the end thought Christmas was near and not that we we almost in July.
Yours truly and forever more,
Syrina Kamar
6/24/2013 c21 thespookyredsparkle
hey! sorry for not reviewing recent chapters, but i got my tablet taken away; so ive been reading on my ipod. but it does not alow me to review. but oohhh! so much has happend that i cant think strait! i just love this story all so much that it is most deffinatly a favorite of mine and one day hope to see it on the shelves of the bookstores!
6/23/2013 c12 thespookyredsparkle
I am very...shocked that Maddie has been drinking. Her antire LIFE for that matter.
It kinda sucks that that red-haired girl is gonna be there, she is gonna ruien the moment!
I love how she is all thats on his mind, and he wants to just run out of the classroom to go see her.
Hehe...maybe he WILL wax his eyebrows since everybody thinks he looks like a hitman. But i didnt imagine him like that :D
6/22/2013 c11 thespookyredsparkle
Oh my gosh! Im sorry for the short review, but i must read the next chapter! :D
6/22/2013 c10 thespookyredsparkle
They really started to connect in that chapter. Although it would have been hilarious if they were both "Why the hell are you here", at the same time.
When Maddie was walking outside, it reminded me of MaddemVlog's "my near death experiance" video on youtube
6/22/2013 c9 thespookyredsparkle
That was like the ultimate grand supreme in a beauty contest. I can see how they are slowly falling in love with each other, but not on their own. Lyza knows what she wants for them and in a way is pushing them together.
And just for The record, i only thought people who lived in Canada lived in igloos when i was a little kid.
*sigh*...ice skating...reminds me of better times. Back when all i worried about was being good so i can get a gift from Santa. Does Lyza know that...everything about what is going on with her parents, and the odds of both of them coming are slim?
6/22/2013 c8 thespookyredsparkle
That has not one word for it. Just, how soft such a stiff character can become around children. And how she is talking to her brother again, and now i know who the creep is (her brother). And Luke's friend was the guy Martin talked to at work. It all adds up now.
So i am still fuzzy on Madeline's situation, so here is what it think it is: her dad was abusive, now he is out to find her. Maddie lives in a foster home or family friend. Luke cant get her because he is a cop and can not risk her being alone so often...i think...
6/22/2013 c7 thespookyredsparkle
Well, that was a really great chapter. I can really feel the tenstion between the two characters. And it shows that all is fair in love and war; so dont even get me started on the fact he didnt take the money!
I just watched a movie with and actress called Madeleine Martin, it was funny to me. But im not sure why
6/22/2013 c6 thespookyredsparkle
Haha! Sucks for them. This is actually very simallar to my story i am going to soon be writing. Except this is when the characters first met.
I already know for a fact that they like each other. The automatic arguing with the teacher, staring every once in a while. Even a blind person could see that they have feelings for one another.
6/22/2013 c5 thespookyredsparkle
That will be a world famous line one day "anytime smartass", haha.
I just felt warm inside the way that the bad-boy figure in this story was a completely difforant man around that girl; truly touching
I almost cried when he socked that guy because of the pure love that was in it.
Honestly, i thought i would not like April, but once i met her, i was instantly in love.
By far, the BEST chapter yet
6/22/2013 c4 thespookyredsparkle
Its true, he likes her. Why else would he know he number since they were eleven.
Im sorry to not review very often! But my internet was down all day.
Idid find this chapter very interesting. And you WILL hear more from me.
6/21/2013 c3 thespookyredsparkle
Well Maddie, i don't know either. I can tell that Martin really wanted to help, it was his chance to break in and tell her to tell him what happened. Then kiss!
I love how the Goody-goody like Maddie has a best friend with a Moehawk and was interested in a Play Station.
But its very interesting, good, and at every end of a chapter;it pulls you right in.
6/20/2013 c2 thespookyredsparkle
I feel like i know Martin. I grew uo in a simalar enviorment, but it was always on me! Not eachother.
Who is she running away from, her dad.
6/20/2013 c1 thespookyredsparkle
I knew as soon as their hatred was introduced, that they loved each other.
But this is very good so far, and i can not wait to read on further. If you want my opinion; if this were to be published -as of right now- i would recommed this to all my friends.
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