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2/2/2010 c13 2SmilingSarcasm
Love the story! please please please update soon!
1/15/2010 c12 4Bitten by a cow
Hey, Fido!

I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed by your increasing skill with words! Particularly the flashback. I'm not sure I like the switch to present tense verbs, but it reminded me of flashbacks of one of my characters who has an abusive father. I felt very connected with your story as I read it, like I was really one of the characters in their great pain: this is the mark of a truly great writer.

However, I have to say that I am very shocked at Maddie's drinking. Don't her schoolfriends know? That's not something you could easily hide from your best friends, at least not without severe guilt.

And one last thing: it's already chapter 12, and there has thus far been no romantic thoughts/actions construing in Martin or Maddie's relationship yet. I feel cheated. :D

Thanks for another great chapter. I hope to see more soon!

1/15/2010 c12 Midnight Memories
Hey dawlin'.

Sorry, my bus is coming in under 5 mins, so I'll be writing a tiny review.

I really, really liked it! :D I have to admit I'm a tiny bit dissapointed that Maddie's a secret drinker... I hope it's not representative to you, dearie.

Finally, we're introduced to Maddie's dad! What a di**. Grumble...

I can't wait to see what you will come up with next, dearie!

I miss you!

Loads of love,

Take care + God bless

1/5/2010 c11 Bitten by a cow
Wow. No, really, wow. You don't need me anymore (not like I was really helping much lately, though...sorry), Fido! You're awesome! I mean, sure, you could double-check through and fix minor grammar issues, but I totally forgot where I was about halfway through and saw Martin's POV really well. I can't wait for your next chapter.

1/2/2010 c11 MelDolly
This was an absolutely delightful chapter.

I enjoyed it immensely.

I hope the next chapter will be up by when you say so. I fly back to Australia on the 13th so if it's up on the 14th I'll have a good old read then. =]
1/2/2010 c11 1fights with fire
Aww:( He should have danced with her, it would have been so romantic. Stupid boys.
12/30/2009 c11 8Midnight Memories
Hey Emy!

Woah, massively long chapter of death. AND it came from your NaNo! :D How awesome! At least, as you said, you have seven chapters all lined up for us!

Gahh! I totally recognized the waltz as she started to dance! I was like: "Wait a minute. Those steps... I've done them with Emy! IT'S THE WALTZ!" And then it was accompanied by a rush of pride when they confirmed my guess. Hehehe.

I was really sad that he didn't accept the dance. :( Stupid Martin... But you're right, he is waking up. It's a start. Better take it slow. But you are torturing me, Emy, and it's not very nice... XP

Anyhoo, I will run off. Ciao! :D I can't wait to see what else you came up with!

Also, the whole Luke thing... Er... I'm confused. x.x' lol. What's happening with that? Luke's the cop bro, right?

Miss you lots darling!

Take care + God bless!
12/30/2009 c11 LondonLi
Thanks so much for the nice long update. I really enjoyed this chapter and I'm so glad they're actually making progress!
9/16/2009 c9 9Inkpress00
XD, nice, putting that in there about how Americans think Canadians live in igloos... don't worry, we only think people in Iceland do... and Antarctica and such. Lol, anyway, I love your story. It rocks. Unlike many others, your story has a great plot idea AND good grammar, something that many lack. Great job, keep it up.
9/14/2009 c10 8Midnight Memories
Hey cocotte!

Ca fait trop longtemps que t'avais pas updater... XD So I shall leave a review. Reminds me that I wrote the latest of Twin Arrows (after a year and a half, omfg...) and I need to post it.


Entry line: perfect.

I have a feeling that your own experiences (or at least Luc's lol, who happens to be sitting beside me and has no idea I'm talking about him...) have something to do with the detailing of the hockey practices and stuff... Am I correct? ;)


... Well, at least Julie doesn't work in a deli, or else I would've sued you for falsities. :P

"Lacking a driver’s licence (and a car, for that matter), I was forced to walk to my destination." I know where that came from. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the driver's liscence people were on strike in your story...

""Hi, I don't think we've met before," I said." XD XD XD ROCK STAR!

"I returned my attention to Dr Rosins. His eyebrows were furrowed in a that-was-incredibly-interesting-and-revealed-the-greater-portion-of-your-soul-to-me way." XD XD XD XD Made me laugh out loud in front of all my uni peeps. XD

Bwahaha, saved by Julie! XD

Anyway, amazing chappie once again my darling! I'll whip up some kind of chapter sometimes for you to read... XD Maybe. lol.

I'll talk to you soon!

Take care + God bless!
7/10/2009 c9 Midnight Memories

""That can't be possible," Martin said while peeking out the window. "You're house hasn't burned down.""

*Slaps you across the head, HARD*

Revise your grammar, chickie!

I swear, my future kid will act just like Lyza.

"Well, while we're confessing, may I ask a question?" "Why the heck are you in my kitchen?" "Lyza invited me in," "But she gave us cookies…"

^ Legendary.

""I just thought that since your mother doesn't seem to be here tonight, you guys might want a bit of company."

She looked at Martin as though she was talking to him and him alone. I had a feeling that there was a deeper meaning to her answer, but I couldn't quite get it." ... *Major cringe/twitch* That sounded sexually incorrect.

"There's Martin, and you're the one holding his hand."

^Also legendary.

Chocolate = cliché! ;)

"I can't skate."


"At first, incredulity painted itself over her features. Then, slowly, amusement surfaced. She didn't reply to my comment, nor did she wipe away the chocolate, only tipped her imaginary hat again. She closed the door silently." Okay, this totally confirmed that Maddy's shaped after you. lol.

That's it for that!

Take care!
7/10/2009 c8 Midnight Memories
I am deathly confused.

I might've missed a chapter, eh? lol.

Ironically, her bro's called Luke... o.O


A bad cook? Microwave problems! Do I feel a diss coming my way!

Take care, Emy.
7/1/2009 c9 MelDolly
This story is absolutely delightful. I just adore it.

Reading from Lyza's point of view was a really nice treat. It gave such a cute point of view to the usual.

You write so well and I don't think I picked up any spelling errors or anything of the sort at all.

About the skipping down stairs, I think I have actually done that myself a few times, though holding onto the banister/railing whilst doing so. I may constantly fall up the stairs but trying to skip down is just asking for it. Whatever 'it' may be.
6/29/2009 c4 oxsarahxo
6/28/2009 c9 3VampiressAJ
this chapter was cute. I really liked it from lyza's pov. update soon~
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