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6/28/2009 c9 9WinMyHeart5444
So so so good! I love this story, it is awesome! I am DYING for the romance between Maddie and Martin. Hehe, you definately have built up the suspense. And, I thought that I would say, I can't even tell you didn't get this Beta-read. It is just amazing! I can't wait for you to update this story, it is one of my favorites. I get so excited whenever you update a chapter. :P As I said before, I can't wait for the inevitable romance, and I will be here waiting (patiently) :D for more!
6/6/2009 c8 7Essie Bessie
i love it! please post soon, i'm dying to know what happens next!
6/6/2009 c8 9WinMyHeart5444
Omg! I was SO excited to see that you had updated this. :) I absolutely adore this story, you have no idea. It always makes me smile. And I am very curious as to why Maddi and her brother stopped talking... But I am even more excited for the building up of the romance between her and Martin. Wow, haha sorry I'm like, spazzing out on you, but I really love this! :) Update soon!
6/6/2009 c8 MelDolly
I absolutely love this story.

There are some grammatical errors though they were more common in the earlier chapters.

This story has so much emotion entwined within it and it's utterly realistic. It is great to read such a story and I hope to read more of it soon.

Please, keep up the fantastic work.

6/6/2009 c8 3VampiressAJ
nice story, looking forward to the updates~
6/5/2009 c8 Perfectly Mythical
Oh my god, you just stamped on my heart.

That story is beautiful!

Thank you so much.

Kayla Brown
4/25/2009 c1 1Maybreakmyheart
I love the alternating point of veiw.
4/24/2009 c7 9WinMyHeart5444
Hi! Again. Guess what? There is nothing left to read! :( Awesome. And yes, I did enjoy this chapter very much. I'm so curious what had Madelaine so upset earlier on, and I can't wait to see what happens between Martin and her. Update soon! I love your stuff so much!
4/24/2009 c6 WinMyHeart5444
tall, light, and handsome! I see. :)
4/24/2009 c5 WinMyHeart5444
Hello again! Sorry, but I'm going to comment every chapter, and I have a lot to say on this one. :) Okay, so I babysit a boy who has autism, and it breaks my heart every day. He tries so hard, and he is one of the smartest boys that I know. He can recite all fifty states and their capitals, in alphabetical order may I add. He also can tell you ANYTHING you want to know about boats, ships, cars, trains, and planes. He is the sweetest boy I have ever met. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so. The other day, like in your story, his teacher, his own freakin teacher! Told him that he was a 'retard.' Now, all the kids in his class think it is okay to call him that. It physically has broken my heart, as he now doesn't understand what is wrong with him. He told his mom if she regretted having him because everyone thinks he is a retard. You did a beautiful job describing April's disabilities. (not sure if it is autism? sounds similar) And that man deserved what was coming to him!

Suggestion: This sentence "She had also passed me a phone, I recalled." Needs to be reworded. But that is all.

I love it!
4/24/2009 c4 WinMyHeart5444
Haha I love Kyoko. She's the greatest! Still very curious to know what Martin looks like.. well besides his dark eyes. Tall, dark, and handsome perhaps? :)

*Suggestion: When you say "The Japanese said.. blah blah" I'm not sure if that is right. It seems that saying the "Japanese girl said" would work better. I'm not sure though, the wording just seems weird to me is all.

I love this so much!
4/24/2009 c3 WinMyHeart5444
Love the last sentence... cliff hanger. Not that I needed another excuse to keep reading. I'm so curious! Got to keep reading! Beautiful! :)
4/24/2009 c2 WinMyHeart5444
? What? Phew, there is more. I have to keep reading! Oh, btw I'm super curious if Martin is yummy or yucky. Oh, duh, okay well I'm going to keep reading! Then I shall know...
4/24/2009 c1 WinMyHeart5444
Hi FidoDude! Oh, god this is absolutely amazing. Once again, you have outdone yourself! I'm so jealous of how good you are at writing. Btw, I love the switching of thought process between Madeline and Martine. Hey, have you ever considered getting published? You are so amazing!
8/5/2008 c7 FerretsRevolution
cutte chapter! aw...love the story, btw!
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